When an individual achieves his/her lifelong dream of building a house for themselves and their loved ones, what is the key element required to protect the house from weather elements and make it look highly attractive? It is a residential painting of the interior and exterior.

There are several ways to improve the look and add value to your house like buying the best furniture, aesthetic windows, fancy lights, but without proper paint, your house will remain incomplete. Apart from changing the overall look of your house, a proper paint job can improve the ambiance of a dull house.

There are many professional house painters who can guide you, but if you wish to paint your house yourself, the main question that arises is the things you should keep in mind before and during the process of residential painting.

To solve all your queries, let’s take a look at 10 House Painting tips given by professionals

1. Thorough Inspection


Before starting the process of painting, inspect your entire house for any cracks, flaking, or greasy areas. Why? Because the new fresh paint will pull the old paint, resulting in peeling. Therefore, clean all the areas. Make use of soap to wash any greasy spots, followed by thorough rinsing with water. Cover all the holes and cracks with putty or epoxy, and you are all set to go.

2. Cover Your Valuables

cover your valuable things.jpeg

When it comes to painting the interior of your house, always ensure that you cover all your furniture, floors, and any large valuable with proper cloth coverings. You want your house to look attractive from the inside, but you don’t want to ruin your furniture. You can easily move small furniture, but, understandably, it is not possible to shift large items from one room to another. Hence, take ample time to cover the things you don’t want to get painted and then begin the journey of painting.

3. Always Prefer High-Quality Materials


Don’t waste your entire budget on high-quality paints. Although it is necessary to make use of quality paints, other supplies have to be equally top-notch. Purchase good brushes and rollers that will reduce your stress and make your job far quicker and easier.

Further, make use of blue painter’s tape to cover the edges of your walls and ceilings. This investment will only help you in the long-run and give a professional touch to your work.

4. Never Become Impatient


You want all your walls to be flawless. Therefore, never be in a hurry to switch from one wall to another. Once you finish one wall, then only move onto the next one. Good things take time, therefore, never rush the painting process.

5. Ensure Consistent Color

consistent color.jpg

This technique is used by professional painters worldwide. In the paint color industry, the same color can differ between cans. Therefore, purchase cans of the same color and then mix all of them in a single bucket. In this way, you can maintain the consistency of the color from the top to the bottom of a wall.

6. Choice of Color

choice of color.jpg

The primary question that arises in our minds when we decide to paint our houses is whether we want to paint the interior, exterior, or both.

The exterior colors of your house leave an overall impression on your guests. To make the exterior of your home charming, you can use Orange to radiate positivity, and pairing it with White will create a welcoming look. Pairing Blue with Light Gray or Mint Green can also create a tasteful exterior look.

For the interior of your house, the colors you choose depict the overall atmosphere. Light colors make your rooms feel larger and brighter, whereas Dark colors make rooms feel intimate and smaller. Your bedroom and dining room need to be calming and relaxing; therefore, you can consider cool colors such as blue and grey.

Since you would want your living room to be exciting and energizing, you must go for warmer tones such as red, dark blue, or dark grey. Choose a shade that is complimentary with your furniture, so that your furniture can get highlighted.

7. Make Use of a Roller & Extension


With time, the painting industry has evolved a lot. To reduce the pressure on your body, you can use rollers along with an extension to cover the maximum area within a minimum time frame. Your health should be your number one priority, hence, you should not make any compromises on that front. However, for the edges, always use a brush because there is a lot of attention to detail.

8. Regularly Wash Your Rollers

wash your roller.jpg

When you paint a wall, you want to ensure that no fibers from the rollers get stuck to the surface of the wall. Wash the rollers regularly with water and liquid soap. Amateurs tend to skip this process but it is beneficial as you don’t even have to wait for the roller to dry. You can carry on with the painting straight after a wash.

9. Use Correct Painting Technique

Correct Painting Technique.jpg

The most basic error an inexperienced painter can make is to paint from bottom to top on a wall. This technique will only result in a lot of spatters all around you. Therefore, professionals suggest you start painting from the top and slowly move your way down to maintain consistency.

10. Remove Light Switches


A step that can be ignored or neglected before starting the painting, and can come back to haunt you. It will take only minutes to remove all the light switch plates from rooms so that you can easily paint your way to success.

Conclusion: You can try following these tips to paint your house. But, in the end, it will visibly lack a touch that only a professional can provide. We are not professionals. There are highly experienced painters around, who can relieve your stress and guide you throughout the process, therefore, it is preferred to hire a professional when it comes to giving an attractive shine to your house.

There are several companies worldwide that offer interior as well as exterior painting services for residential painting. However, if you reside in South Jersey or nearby areas, there is none better than Pizzazz Painting. Their professional painters are the best in South Jersey and they only use high-quality materials for your interior and exterior paints.


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