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Just like all the other rooms in our homes, we need to keep our bathrooms looking great and fresh. Indoor plants get regarded as beneficial while put in our bathrooms. You may ask how; they not only enhance the look of our bathrooms with their beauty but also help in cleaning the toxins found in the air.

You may be a lousy plant keeper, or your bathroom has no window to allow enough light and worry if any indoor plant will survive in your bathroom.

No need to worry; you only need to keep the right indoor plant in your bathroom to thrive. Bathrooms have an ideal environment for specific plants.

You only need to identify such plants. In this article, various plants suitable for your bathroom will get discussed. Continue reading to grasp some knowledge.

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Keeping plants in our bathrooms may seem weird, but it is now a decorative style trending in most households. Besides, plants in your bathroom can turn it into a personal oasis. Isn’t it great? If you’re interested in making your bathroom smell like a spa, check this article on My Home Zen Spa.

Because of the high humidity found in the bathrooms, it is an ideal place for most plants to grow. But for those bathrooms without enough light and appear dark, there are indoor plants suitable for them too.

You, therefore, have no reason not to have one in your bathroom. According to Urban Sprouts and The Sill, the following plants are ideal in any bathroom because they thrive in all light levels.

Best Plants for Bathrooms

1. Snake Plant

It is pleasing to look at, and anyone can manage this plant. What’s stunning about this plant is the fact that it requires minimal care and thrives well in any humidity level. Also, it can tolerate any level of light. You now understand why this plant is a darling with most bathroom owners.

It is also known as the Sansevieria or the Viper’s Bowstring Hemp. Its dark green color with yellow or white edges complements any bathroom décor. The snake plant tolerates all types of abuse and is perfect in purifying the air.

2. Bromeliads

If you want a plant that will bloom in your bathroom despite the environment, then you should consider the bromeliads. More so, they produce blooms that last long, making them unusual specimens. During winter, they produce red or pink flowers that last for a few weeks.

Bromeliads consist of many species, and most of them are epiphytic. It is the reason they get to bask comfortably in the humidity found in the bathroom. You only need to give them enough air as they require good air circulation.

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If your bathroom doesn’t have enough ventilation, you need not worry. Install a fan or buy the portable one. Then make it run for several hours each day. Also, they can tolerate direct sunlight for some hours each day. The flowers blend well with the plant’s dark green foliage, explaining why it is a masterpiece in your bathroom.

They not only enhance your bathroom’s appearance but also help in keeping the air fresh. For the species that require soil, an ordinary potting mix that drains well will work out great.

3. Aloe Vera

It is a tropical perennial and is easy to grow. When grown inside the bathroom, it tolerates temperature swings very well. Besides helping improve your bathrooms look and freshen the air, aloe Vera plant is essential as it contains healing abilities. Its juice helps in relieving pains caused by minor burns and scrapes.

Also, it is a succulent, explaining why you require to offer it minimum care. But to make it flower, you need to move it outside to get some warmth as it requires bright indirect lighting. Also, when grown in your bathroom, it barely grows beyond 2ft height.

4. Asparagus Fern

Could you be searching for an indoor plant for your bathroom that loves humidity? Then this plant might interest you. It does well in both bright and moderate light. It is, therefore, essential to place it near your bathroom window. The stems look soft but contain thorns.

You may need to be careful while handling them to avoid being pricked. But the asparagus fern’s overall look is fantastic. It comes in a light green color that gives your bathroom life. Despite enhancing the freshness of your bathroom’s air, it also blends well with your bathroom décor. You need not worry about changing the plant’s pot now and then. It can go for two years without requiring repotting.

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5. Aglaonema

It is also known as the Chinese evergreen and is excellent in adapting to new environments. The Aglaonema genus consists of around 20 species. What’s impressive about this plant is the fact that it will still thrive even without you feeding or watering it.

Even though it loves humidity, this plant will tolerate dry air. You only need to avoid exposing it to the cold because its leaves will get damaged. It can grow up to 2ft tall, and it looks lovely with its dark green leaves. But some species like the Silver Queen has variegation of gray-green.

If you want to place an indoor plant in your bathroom, you may need to prepare your bathroom for it. Are you eager to know how? Check out the following;

How to Prepare Your Bathroom for an Indoor Plant

First, you need to check your temperature and humidity levels. If your bathroom is comfortable for you, the probability of it being comfortable to the indoor plant is high.

If your bathroom is usually cold unless when taking a bath or shower, you need to work on increasing your bathroom’s temperature. Try connecting a heater and set it to run at a low temperature. If your bathroom’s humidity level is low, mist your plants as a way of providing more humidity.


As illustrated above, indoor plants are crucial in our bathrooms. They not only add to the bathroom’s beauty but also help in freshening the air. Depending on the type, your taste, and the temperature and humidity levels of your bathroom, you get free to choose an indoor plant for your bathroom. If you have no idea what to go for, start with the indoor plants described above.

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