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Are you wildly excited for your new home? Off-course your answer will be yes. But let me aware you, before moving to your new house you require some essential thing with you. Most basic essential thing for human is food and that is made in kitchen you must have small kitchen appliances of your new kitchen.

When people move into new home, everything is new, they have to purchase new utensil for their home as like for new kitchen you need some basic appliances for the kitchen too. This become so hectic what to buy and what to not, you must be facing a lot of problems but we will help you out with your kitchen part by providing you the list of major kitchen appliances that you must have in your kitchens.

Here is the list that will make your basic kitchen appliances that will make kitchen shopping easy.

1: Refrigerator

Fridge is the most essentials equipment of the kitchen. It is utilized to store cooked and non-cooked food, keeps the vegetable and fruits and other things fresh also used to store water and ice. This is must appliance that is needed in every kitchen. Buy according to the usage capacity, the amount of member you have in your home.

2: Microwave

In the modern kitchen microwave plays a vital role. It cooks food, grills food; heat your food and used for baking purpose too and many more things.

3: Water Purifier

Water purifier is the Kitchen essential equipment that every kitchen must have. This expels the germs and impurities and polluting influences from the water and purifies it for drinking and using for cooking food, it is safe for everyone to consume.

4: Hand-Held Blender

This is used to blend, grind and mix the food. This hand blender is Available in market of two kind’s electric and non electric buy which you like to use. This makes the mixing task easy.

5: Juicer Mixer Grinder

A multipurpose mixer that is used to blend hard thing, example:- making the tomato puree etc, grind masala to make powder etc, also used to make juice from fruits, vegetables, green leafs and herbs. It has different jars for every purpose with blades fitted inside them. JMG is the necessary utensil in the list of basic kitchen appliances.

6: Toaster

Toaster is used to toast the bread, it is small electric appliance used to make crispy bread toast or sandwiches of many kinds. Mostly used in the morning to prepare the breakfast. It makes the women task easier and faster.

7: Electric Chimney

Fitted right above the gas stove, this electric gadget is used to eliminate the smoke from the kitchen while cooking food. It is available in many types in market so make a right choice at time of buying it.

8: Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker is used to cook rice, dal(pulses) and many vegetable. This is the essential equipment in kitchen.

9: Coffee Maker

There is no better way to start your morning with the cup of coffee. Coffee maker is good choice for one’s kitchen. It instantly makes the coffee and makes the women task easier in morning or when their family or friends come to their home.

10: Ice Cream Maker

This adds a little sweetness when you make the ice-cream at home with the ice cream maker. Homemade ice creams are easy to make and is also good for health. This ice-cream maker is available in market of different design.

Here is first kitchen checklist which make your shopping task easier for your new kitchen and your Cooking will becomes simple with these cooking appliances. So stock your kitchen with the given list of basic kitchen appliances.

Some more first kitchen essentials checklist used for cooking or eating purpose in your kitchen:-

This is the first kitchen essential checklist that you need while moving into your new kitchen.

Mixing bowls :- buy them of three types

  • Small
  • Medium
  • large

Spoons:- for Measuring and Eating food

Cups:- to drink

  • tea,
  • coffee,
  • milk

Measuring cups

Knives – for cutting purpose

Knife sharpener

  • Chef knife
  • Bread knife
  • Silverware

Cutting board:- to chop the vegetables

Spatula:- Available in

Plastic: use it for the non-stick pan

  • Metal
  • Wooden spoons for non stick utensils

Strainer or colander:- to drain the pasta, canned fruits, strain tea etc

Kitchen tongs

Can opener


Whisk:- For beating eggs, gravies, sauces

Available in plastic

  • Metal
  • silicon

Kitchen scissors

Bottle opener



Meat thermometer

Pots and pans, including sauce pans, skillets, and stock pot

Iron skillet

Casserole dishes – 8×8 and 9×13

Muffin pan

Food storage containers

Dish towels

Oven mitts and/or potholders

Ice cube tray

Check the above kitchen essential checklist; you can make the changes according your need. Add or delete utensils according your need.


Above mentioned is the basic kitchen need list which is used in daily cooking. This article only purpose is to help the people to buy kitchen appliances and equipment when they move or shift to a new kitchen. You will many much variety of lists of basic kitchen appliances in the market so buy the best and high quality equipment for your kitchen; this totally depends on your choice and preference.

Cooking will turn out to be quicker with these kitchen essentials checklist in which few things makes the cooking easy and few equipment makes serving easy. I have tried to put all those things in the list that is essential for every kitchen. So when you are shopping for the appliances for your new kitchen of your new home consider this list. This kitchen essential checklist will surely help you in managing your kitchen appliances.

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