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Renovating your kitchen is a worthwhile investment. The looks and functionality of the quality kitchen designs always add value to your home. That is why you cannot compromise with designing errors while making it. Sometimes avoiding the finer details can destroy the whole design.

You must take care of some obvious things like where the containers/ bins go or how accessible the refrigerator is while cooking. The main thing we do in the kitchen is to prepare and cook food, so it must be functional. Therefore, the designing process starts with planning, how you utilize the space when preparing meals.

So, here are some mistakes you should avoid in your kitchen design:

Not keeping enough counter space

Every single inch of useable space is a necessity. And if the kitchen counter does not have enough space to work on, it can be a hassle to do some things. Having enough space to prepare meals is a must. A good space helps you to display all the appliances, to eat, and socialize.

Thinking little of how much storage you need

Space for every single thing is also needed. From spice jars to cutlery and raw food, all are needed to store in separate drawers. So, while designing a new kitchen, first think about how much sufficient storage you need.

Do not overcrowd your kitchen by adding unnecessary drawers. Opt some clever ways for storage solutions like for bulkier items, you can consider corner drawers. Make it as pull out storage drawers which are efficient and easy to access. You can also add a trolley by using floor space.

Neglecting ventilation

Great ventilation is key for any kitchen, particularly when you’re preparing flavorful dishes frequently. Cooking is a process that leaves a lingering smell that can float all through the home. No doubt the food smells delicious at some moments. But this food smell needs to go out; otherwise, your other house members may get irritated.

Investment in a proper ventilation system is necessary and it’s also suggested by some experts. Because an efficient ventilator is good at capturing impurities, circulating air, and keeping the kitchen clean. But while choosing a ventilator, you must take care of the noise level and its energy use.

Not considering disposable bins

When it comes to adding bins to dispose of rubbish, you may not think the same. Because it’s the least glamorous part. Disposable bins should not be avoided in kitchen space. Even the bins should be separated for food and general disposal so that you can use it for the recycling process.

Integrated bins or freestanding bins can be the best solution for your designer kitchen. Integrated bins not only hide the presence of rubbish but also help in containing odor. But if your space doesn’t allow this planning you can go for freestanding bins on display. There are many stylish options available in the market for this option.

Holding back on lighting

Like every room, the kitchen also needs proper lighting that is functional in use and gives an aesthetic look. The preparation of food will need direct and bright light. On the other hand, ceiling lights are still a more popular and practical choice. They are used with dimmer switches which can change the atmosphere in an instant.

You can also consider plinth lighting stripped along the base of your cupboards. These lights look splendid and even helpful if you want to sneak in for 12 PM snacks. And, for the area where family members gather often, consider a living room style lighting system. If you are adding overhead spotlights, prefer to switch off them or dimmed low while taking them into focus.

Spending out of budget

Having a set figure of the amount in mind and a definite plan can help you to avoid overspending. People often consider a grand design that costs them more than they think. But spending too much is not a good approach. Better to avoid all the extra expenses.

The best solution for this is making an inventory list that contains all furniture and contents. There is no need to spend money on unnecessary items that can be easily torn and lead to frequent kitchen renovations. You must go with the solutions that last long and efficient to the budget.

Don’t pick an outdated design

It is best to pick a design that is in trend. Go for the latest trending designs and avoid such that will be old news in a few days. Replacing a kitchen or renovating a whole is not an easy thing. So, if you choose a wrong design it would leave you in the difficulty of being trendy with time.

The kitchen design considerably covers the paint, wallpaper, and accessories. However, these parts of the design can easily change when desired. But, while spending your money, make a note to choose all the material and items that last longer with the time. Go for the ageless solutions that save your finances.

The bottom line

A good kitchen will give you a positive feel while cooking and if there are design errors, it can only irritate you. So, do not destroy your kitchen design with some little mistakes and consider all things before its making. Search for the latest trends to include in your 2020 kitchen renovations for the best possible solutions. And, have a new fully functional kitchen with no mistakes or errors.

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