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Around age 11, 12 and 13, (sadly, sometimes even sooner) is a time in a child’s life where they are beginning to move away from children’s toys and games. Instead, exchanging them for gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

They are growing to be more independent about their actions and opinions and they have a crystal clear vision of what is cool and what most certainly is not!

Today, we’ll talk about a few ways to transform a tween bedroom into a teen’s sanctuary.


Paint is one of the most effective and easiest ways to transform a children’s/tween room to a teen appropriate space. Perhaps your tween-soon-to-be-teenager has childish colors or themes covering the walls in their room.

Now it’s time to change because it’s embarrassing them and they don’t want friends in their room! A new coat of paint will do the trick. As we age, our taste in colors and designs tend to change.

To take out the stress in guessing what color they may like, a great idea would be to ask their opinion on what color scheme they’d choose.

They may like their walls transformed from pink to red or baby blue to navy blue or even grey. The possibilities are endless. Giving your child the choice will really make them engaged and excited about the space.

Bedroom Area With No People Inside Building


Once the cute stuffed animals, dolls houses and other redundant clutter is out of the way, you’ll all of a sudden discover an abundance of space. You now have room for some functional pieces of furniture.

Add a desk, a few floating shelves, a bookshelf, and a nightstand with a lampshade. This gives them a way to organize their things conveniently in their own way.

You may also want to include a corkboard or whiteboard to help them organize their study schedule. They will definitely appreciate it once they begin to be bombarded with more homework and exams!

If possible add a small sofa that can accommodate a friend sleeping over, and add a few bean bags and scatter cushions for when they just want to hang out.

Creating a space that is comfortable and inviting is a great way to have your child and friends wanting to spend time at your house.

(Which in theory sounds like a pain when you have a gaggle of ravenous teens to feed, but it’s such a comforting feeling knowing where your child is…. without having to track their mobile phone!)

Mattress and Headboard

You might want to also consider upgrading your teen’s bed from a single to a full-size bed. A larger mattress will give them the added room during a time in their lives where growth spurts are occurring at a miraculous rate!

While you’re at it, you may also want to change out the headboard. They may no longer feel that My Little Pony or Spider Man-themed headboard is cool at their age.


Yes, it’s time to put away those Disney-inspired bed sheets and comforters, because your soon-to-be teen is way too cool for that. Instead, swap them out for new linens that are designed with a contemporary feel.

Plain single-colored sheets are considered “modern” for teens these days. If plain single-colored linens are too plain for your child, consider buying linens that have abstract designs, or add bursts of color with blankets, throws and scatter cushions. After all, teens like that element of sophistication.

A Personal touch

When the room is all finished, as a surprise, you can add a personal touch, a custom neon wall sign, or a framed inspiration quote. A photo board of random family pics or a wall of achievements.

The transition from tween to teen and the years that follow can sometimes be an unpredictable and tempestuous road. Having something positive to look at, whilst lying on their bed in despair, can remind your hormone ravaged teen how valued and loved they are, even when they forget.

I Hate Nothing About You With Red Heart Light

These are only to mention a few suggestions on some ways to transform your tween room to a teenager’s retreat. You will find that teen’stastes change like the weather (depending on the latest fad) Interchangeable low-cost items can be good choices for this very reason.

Black walls and expensive wallpaper, maybe slightly more difficult to rectify, so ask that your child chooses wisely and any specific themes are limited to accessories only.

If the transformation is a DIY job, try to complete the room together. Kids may not love household chores, but power tools and paints are a different story. Don’t miss the opportunity to create not only a beautiful environment for your child but also some lifelong memories.

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