What Is The Average Cost Of A Kitchen Remodel?

In many houses, the kitchen is a hub of everyday activity: many homeowners and families spend a significant portion of their time there cooking, dining, socialising, packing lunches, and so on. Kitchens also have long-lasting fixtures and finishes by necessity, so in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to miss that a kitchen is gradually aging—until something cracks, breaks, or becomes so dingy that kitchen remodelling is required. Even a small kitchen makeover can improve the quality of time spent at home. But how much does a typical kitchen makeover cost?

Kitchen remodels are major projects with significant budgets. According to Angi and HomeAdvisor, the median cost of remodelling a kitchen ranges from $14,551 to $40,541, with a national average of $26,240, so homeowners should carefully consider their options before developing a plan, acquiring supplies, and hiring a contractor. These stages can assist homeowners in determining the scope of their kitchen makeover and establishing a suitable budget to achieve the kitchen they desire while maximizing their return on investment.

What is the average cost of kitchen renovations in 2024?

An average kitchen makeover costs between $15,000 and $22,000. The cost you pay will be determined by a number of factors, including the size of your kitchen, the materials you select, whether you employ professionals or do the work yourself, and whether you replace cabinets or undertake a complete remodel. To save money, consider renovating a less significant area of your home. While you may feel accomplished, you can keep costs down by remodeling a lower-valued area. It’s necessary to consider the cost of deletion. For example, you may need to demolish part of your kitchen before replacing it. 

Consider the installation fees while making a purchase. If you need new cabinets or backsplashes, the cost will be included in the purchase price. The cost of a new kitchen will include replacing your kitchen cabinets. You might save money on kitchen remodelling by doing it yourself. This allows you to select your own cabinets and countertops, which is unusual in commercial kitchen environments. If you are planning a DIY kitchen remodel, you must consider the installation costs. These charges must be factored into your budget.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Kitchen Remodel?

Methods for Calculating Kitchen Remodel Cost

Homeowners searching for “cost of kitchen remodel” will most likely discover that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. One of the best kitchen remodeling recommendations is for homeowners to set a budget early in the process. Having a notion of the overall maximum budget and allocating a percentage to cover unanticipated surprises would allow homeowners to modify their decisions during the material selection phase to match that budget. Using a kitchen remodel cost estimator will help homeowners get an approximate price to work with.

Size of the Kitchen 

The kitchen’s square footage influences all of the budget metrics. Larger areas necessitate additional plasterboard, flooring, paint and cabinetry. In general, remodeling a kitchen costs about $150 per square foot.

Installation & Labour

Installation and labor costs for a kitchen remodel range between $3,500 and $6,000, accounting for 18% of the overall project budget. This is a negotiable cost, based on what work a homeowner can do themselves and the contractor’s willingness to cut the fee in exchange for assistance. In general, homeowners can anticipate to spend $2,500 on installation for every $10,000 in total makeover costs.

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are another variable cost factor that depends on how the kitchen is configured. In general, they can account for roughly 4% of the budget, or approximately $1,200 on average. In a kitchen that opens to a deck, this will be a greater share of the budget, whereas in an open-plan kitchen with no or only a few windows, it may be less. Window installation costs between $300 and $1,200 each window; interior door installation costs between $360 and $1,170 per door; and exterior door installation costs between $510 and $1,790 per door.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Kitchen Remodel?

Cabinetry and Countertops

Cabinetry and hardware typically account for the largest amount of a kitchen remodelling budget. Cabinetry, as the most visible and substantial part of the kitchen design, frequently influences the style, colour palette, and amount of detail in the rest of the kitchen. As a result, the cost of kitchen cabinets and hardware typically accounts for 28 percent of the budget, or $8,400 on average. Depending on the amount, material, and style of cabinets, homeowners should expect to pay between $2,000 and $30,000.

Hiring one of the best countertop installers can cost about 11 percent of a kitchen remodelling budget. The national average is around $3,300, but the price will vary depending on the homeowner’s material choices (for example, granite countertops are significantly more expensive than laminate countertops) and the total square footage of countertops required in the kitchen layout.


As with countertops, there are numerous material possibilities for kitchen flooring. Sheet vinyl and vinyl tile, linoleum, and laminate flooring are generally the most affordable options, and current versions of these materials are both durable and attractive. Ceramic tile and wood are the most expensive, followed by real stone, while alternate flooring solutions such as cork and concrete offer more options. Kitchen flooring expenses range from $1,000 to $4,000 and account for an average of 18% of the overall expenditure. The finest kitchen flooring will likely vary from homeowner to homeowner.


Lighting is an issue that many homeowners overlook when developing a kitchen makeover plan and budget. Kitchens have a variety of lighting options and requirements, and while an attractive fixture in the ceiling and a pendant over the sink can help with ambient lighting, the true workhorses of the kitchen lighting scheme are task lights: lighting that focuses on the spot where the cook stands to chop vegetables, the area over the stove or the eating area. Lighting costs between $500 and $2,000, and homeowners should budget for lighting to account for around 5% of their planned kitchen redesign.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Kitchen Remodel?

Walls and Ceiling

Refreshing the existing walls and ceiling with paint or wallpaper is an option in any kitchen makeover, but new materials can offer additional benefits that make them worthwhile. New fire- and moisture-resistant plasterboard can improve safety, although panelling or tongue-in-groove ceilings can alter the appearance of a kitchen.  Plasterboard costs between $12 and $20 per panel, while painting a kitchen costs $300 to $750 altogether. Walls and ceilings typically account for about 5% of the budget, or $1,500 on average.


Kitchen appliances include a refrigerator, oven/cooktop/range, dishwasher, microwave and ventilation hood. Remodelers frequently want to utilize old appliances, which is a fantastic option if they are relatively new. If you do need to replace certain appliances, keep in mind that the best appliance prices are frequently packaged; the more appliances you buy together, the more money you save overall.

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Storage & Organisation

Homeowners who find themselves storing food on top of the refrigerator or whose countertops are packed with equipment will most likely want to incorporate more storage into their redesign plans. Depending on the budget and square footage, this might include a walk-in pantry, larger cabinets, deeper drawers, or other alternatives. For reference, the cost of installing a new pantry ranges between $1,100 and $2,900. In some circumstances, having an interior designer give some creative thoughts for how to best use the space might be beneficial.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Kitchen Remodel?


Kitchen remodels are exciting, but they can also be intimidating and confusing for homeowners because there are so many crucial decisions to make. Budgeting and prioritizing, as well as working with well selected professionals, will make the process go more smoothly.


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