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Many people in the world have a habit of drinking wine before or during dining time. So, they have their collection of wines that are available in different tastes and brands. But the question which comes in mind is “Do you also love drinking wine and displaying them in your home? Or do you need a small wine storage idea for wining and dining? Then a wine cellar is what you need.

A great wine cellar design is all about creating a controlled environment. But not everyone has space and money to build one. With these eleven nifty wine cellar designs, you can make your own wining and dining space.

1. X- Shelves

Instead of hanging frames, art or other things on walls, add X-shelves. They are perfect for holding the wine bottles near or next to your dining counter. If you have any space near your dining counter, you can add X-shelves and put your wine bottles for display.

2. Square box cabinets

At the time of renovating your kitchen cabinets, ask your renovators to put square box cabinets for your wine cellar. Tell them to make all of your kitchen cabinets in-house so that they can generate a streamline storage system with ample space. With customized wine storage, you will get flexibility with space to install it anywhere, such as under the cabinets or between drawers.

3. Empty wall

You can turn your kitchen wall into your wine cellar display by mounting wine racks to your blank walls. By having lower kitchen cabinets with upper shelves of wine will give your kitchen a structural look and ample storage. Even with the sleek countertop, you can create a small and practical wine room.

4. Bright glass display

Walls mount the floating racks vertically on the wall and add a clear glass door to give a classy look to your wine cellar in the kitchen. You can also add a wine cooling system and create a chic look to your home and kitchen. Glass doors set in your house have high resale value.

5. Under the stairs

In many homes, staircases have space underneath them. It can be a perfect place to display your wine storage. With an inexpensive wire grid rack and some shelving, you can turn this untapped space into a small storage place. Invest in glass doors if you want to add resale value.

6. Small scale refrigerator

You can add a small-scale refrigerator which is 33cm full under-bench and specially created for wine storing. It offers a quite steady temperature to chill the wine. It is the most energy-efficient option for your home.

7. Corner banquette shelves

These corner banquette shelves are also like X-shelves but require a small space. You can add one table for dining. When the table is not in use, you can keep the wine-tasting glasses used for dining.

8. Bottom cabinet

If your kitchen has extra room for a cabinet, you can use it as your wine cellar. Instead of having doors for your kitchen cabinets, replace one cabinet into handy wine storage. Your kitchen renovator can give you different ideas to incorporate into your built-in.

9. Wine-inspired furniture

You can grace your home or wine cellar with meticulously crafted wine furniture. For example, the grape wine table will create a lovely tasting area. It is small enough to fit in all small spaces. You can even do your work or eat breakfast in the morning.

10. Wine bottle holder accessory

There are certain wines which don’t require cold temperature. You can place that type of wine bottle on luxury bottle holders. Sometimes the labels on bottles attract people and give a personal feeling to your guest. Also, if you have any wine barrel, you can repurpose it into a stool.

11. Get creative

You can create one stand with terra-cotta pipes by cutting them in the size of the bottle. Terra-cotta pipes will keep your wine at a cold temperature. You can show your creativity for your wine cellar by placing it in your kitchen or your living room.

How to store wine in a home cellar

If you store your wine bottles correctly, it can last decades. A home wine cellar can be a great idea to store your wine. Thus, if you are planning to create one for your home, create these weather conditions for storing wines in your home cellar.

1. Give 14°C temperature regularly.
2. Humidity must be between 65-75%
3. Give fresh airflow
4. Vibration should be minimal
5. Lighting should be UV-free

Things to consider before installing a wine cellar

A wine cellar in the home is a hot property trend. It is essential to consider some things before installing it. If you are thinking to install one, find these four things to avoid costly reworking.

• A wine cellar conditioner

Installing regular conditioner is not a good idea for your wine cellar. Because it can’t manage the low temperature and humidity which requires for wines, wine cellar air conditioners can turn any space into a custom cellar by maintaining the heat and humidity for wine.

• No need to store underground

If you insulated your cellar correctly, it could be placed anywhere in the home. Instead of making a cellar in the middle of the house, you should keep it near an external wall to avoid the difficulties. It would be a fabulous idea if you make your cellar near the kitchen or dining room or even near the entry of your home which will be an impressive feature.

• Thermal protection

As you know the wine cellar needs thermal protection or right insulation, you can increase the load of your wine cellar conditioner. According to the experts, if you insulate the cellar conditioner correctly, it will work efficiently and effectively.

• Consider space

Before creating your cellar, think about how much space you will need for bottles at the time of renovation. For example, you can store 100 bottles per square meter.


Finally, the above list by no means exhaustive. There are also many other factors that you need to consider before planning a wine cellar design at home. Probably the best advice which professional gives is early planning. If you hire an expert in the project, you can beat a lot of issues, and you will get your dream wine cellar for your home.

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