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Are you looking for ideas to decorate your living room? Your living area must appear most spacious so that people’s eye sticks on it. It doesn’t matter if you have small space you can mold and transform by decorating that small area in a modern living room. The living room is a showcase of the house where we accept every guest, so this place should be decorated in a good sense of style.

Is your living area space is rectangular in size; Here we will elaborate the small rectangular living room idea that how to choose furniture and other decorative things for your living area.

So moderate your small rectangular living area space with our top best-fit ideas and clever designs to make it look beautiful and finest room. You will find the ideas here that will best fit in your budget.

So let’s here begin with rectangle living room furniture arrangement.

Furniture is the most ideal approach to fill your space for sitting. Try the new and interesting eye-catching things for your living room which must be compatible with furniture.

Once take a look at your furniture that you already have and remove the unwanted and damaged furniture from your living area and make some space into it. Also get rid of the too large and too small outdated furniture.

Try the modern furniture, you can buy the two ottomans instead of big sofa side chairs, you can also use them to make this as a table by joining them or you can use it as for extra sitting and shift them aside when you don’t feel the need of it.

These two ottomans are the best modern living room idea, this looks cool instead of looking like backward traditional chairs. Spend your money on multifunctional furniture if you have a small space.

Arrange your rectangular room symmetrically, it creates the good sense of order and balances it, it results in the clean and uncluttered look.

Living Room Decoration Tip –

If you wish to decorate it in a traditional style then don’t buy a modern sofa. You can go for some traditional things like big wooden traditional designed sofa set with two chairs and a table. It is the best tip to decorate the small rectangular living room ideas that you will find nowhere.

Rectangular living room layout ideas to set furniture

Arranging the furniture in the right manner is equally important. Choose the furniture which perfectly fit into your space; not too big ones and too small one. Make a layout to set the furniture that there could be more space in your room. Don’t make it look clumpy.

Select the wall paint wisely

  • Use the strategic paint colors like painting the wall with light paint colors this make your room look larger.
  • You can also paint the walls matching to the furniture color; this is another spacing idea for the room.
    Paint your walls with strips using two colors which enhances your living room and gives a modern look; this also helps in making your room look larger in size. Horizontal stripes make the room look larger and similarly vertical strips makes your room look taller.
  • Paint your walls with white color or pair your wall with equally pale furniture which looks elegant and this makes your small rectangular place look brighter and larger.
  • You can likewise paint your one wall with texture color and other three with the plain light color, texture color must match with furniture and curtains of your room else you can also go for wallpapers.
  • Dress your room with good fabric.
  • Turn your boring living area into beauty by choosing the eye-catching fabric for your room. Choose the good fabric of sofa color, cushions and curtain for the room.

Use Good Lighting

Lights are the most important part of the modern living room area. Make your room a focal buy using some good high point lightning into your new living room. In order to make your living area modern, you can buy the hanging light by position it right above on your coffee table.

Else use the designer lights hanging on every wall, it reflects the light and makes the walls look shinier. The designer wall hanging lights are modern living room ideas on a budget.

Try Show Off Things to Decorate

As we don’t have much space in our living area that doesn’t mean that we cannot decorate our living area. Here I have the best idea to decorate the rectangular living area. As we don’t have much space on the floor then why not utilize the wall for making your living room modern.

  • You can try small space decorating technique by putting some decorating piece on your coffee table.
  • You can hang the good painting on the back side wall of the sofa matching with the sofa cushion colors, it is a modern living room ideas.
  • If you have any other showpiece in your home you can use that too. Put or hang that in your living area.
  • You can put the patterned cushions; one from good captivating good artwork steals the guest’s heart.
  • If you don’t like much colors then you can all set it to a simple look with a plain wall and white ceiling and floor that also looks eye-catching.
  • You can also put the small beautiful eye-catchy plant in the corner of your room; it makes your room look more beautiful. You can decorate that plant with small lights and turn on that light when guests arrive at your home.


I wish the list that we have tried to elaborate above modern living room ideas will surely impress you and pretty much inspire you to decorate your living area too.

This article purpose is to guide the people who all are searching on the internet how to decorate their small rectangular living area in the modern style.

I wish that you like our article and also help you in setting your mind to decorate rectangular living room layout ideas. If you have any other idea then you can also tell us by commenting below. Share your thoughts with us too.

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