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Are you making your mind to create an English cottage garden? Believe me, the well-maintained cottage garden plant gives a touch of romance, feel of heaven and gives an idyllic view of countryside life.

In order to build the good cottage garden, you need to choose the cottage garden plants wisely which have the bright, bold, beautiful and vibrant colors of flowers which enhance the beauty of your cottage garden.

You just need a variety of flower plants in your cottage garden, it’s important to choose the right plants for the cottage garden, so here we will help you in making the best cottage garden plant list.

Causal cottage garden plants look great every time from afternoon to evening and in nights too. You can design your front garden area with loosely flowers beds and rambling path, it is important to choose the right plant put at the right area. As well as choosing the correct garden hose for the job

The below mention is the list of 15 low maintenance cottage garden plants.

1: Hollyhocks


This old fashioned plant is best suited for your cottage garden, grow this along the walls and fences it will build good charm and give the best effect to the look of your garden. Try to seed mixture of hollyhocks to get the variety of it; as it is the best Cottage garden plant.

Hollyhock is the biennial or perennial unbranched plant coated with star-shaped hairs, the lobed leaves or toothless with singular blossoms organized in fascicles or racemes. Its indented petals can be pink, purple, white or yellow in color and are the most part is more than 3 centimeters wide.

2: Foxgloves


The foxgloves is the another old time cottage garden plant which has the tall, spiked, tabular flower hanging downwards, consist of many colours of white, yellow, purple or pink. Its colourful flowers tubes are full of nectar that is why it is much loved by bees.

It has the attractive leafs that is the only reason this plant is commonly used in cottage garden. It has the hairy foliage that can of white or dark green in colour. It is low maintenance cottage garden plant.

3: Wisteria


It has twinning climbers of flowers of colour white, blue, pink, purple which are beautifully scented and they deal as extra attractive addition in the month of May and June. Wisteria plant is ideal for growing it on wall or tree and is best suited for English cottage garden plant.

4: Catmint


It has grey – green leaves which are set against the two lipped flowers of violet and lilac blue in colour which gives an aromatic smell. It is a low maintenance cottage garden plant which grows 24 to 30 inches and spread wide in 30 to 36 inches.

This is easy to grow plant in rocky soil which has more practical use, repels mosquito too. Catmint is long lived plant in spring season from April to September; its grey-green foliage gives the extra beauty to your garden in its season.

5: Rambling Roses

Rambling Roses

Rambling roses look too pretty in garden; they are also used for decoration purpose too. It has small flowers which are bunched in group. They are of many types which has rambling roses some of the plants flowers once in year that is in early summer and others flowers in all summer time period.

6: Delphinium


Delphinium is short lived plant which blossom in mid of summer only for a month from June to July. It has rich blue, white and violet flowers which grow up 10 to 12 inches tall and its height grows till 20 inches. They can grow upto 2 meters and it gorgeously blends with borders of the garden to look great.

7: Phlox


Phlox produces the stunning cluster of white, pink, lavender and red fragrant flowers which last up to the 5 weeks. Its flowers fragrance attracts bees the most and fills your garden with beautiful aromatic fragrance. This cottage garden plant grows upto 4 feet high depending on its quality and variety.

8: Geranium


Geranium plants are perfect for cottage gardens, it need well drained soil, full or part shade sun. It gets 18 inches tall. It offers blue or purple flowers first frost in the early summers. It is easy to grow in cottage garden and is most famous in UK for their colourful petals.

It has many varieties such as Hardy Germaniums, True Germaniums, Perennial Germanium; Germanium Johnson Blue you can choose accordingly to your choice. Cranesbill Germanium is on the variety which has the evergreen grey-green leaves with the purple and red veining flowers. If you want your cottage garden plants for shade then surely have this one in your garden.

9: Peony


Peonies are the most romantic plants, their flowers bear a wonderful fragrance, they grow up upto 5 feet tall need full sun and well drained soil to grow properly. It flowers introduces with vibrant colours of borders and cut petals which blossoms in spring and early summer. It has large vivacious flowers of pink, white and red in colour which give the romantic feel to your garden.

10: Cosmos

cosmos flower

Cosmos are perfect cottage garden plant for summer bedding display. It has vibrant appealing flowers. It attracts the pollinators and easy to grow plant. They are available in many varieties of different colures of flowers and sizes.

11: Hydrangea

hydrangea flower

This plant is specially known for its dazzling flowers balls that spread 6 inches wide. It flowers produces in round in shape of 12 inch diameter of white in colour pointed over medium green leaves which blooms in June to September. The Hydrangea plant grows 3 to 5 feet tall.

12: Bellflower


Bellflower is the tough perennial, it has blue and whites colour of spikes in its flowers. It blooms in early and mid of summer. Bellflower is the best cottage garden plant, which grows 3 feet tall and required full or part shade sun and well drained soil. You can find it by Campanula Percisifolia name.

13: Columbine

columbine flower

Columbine is easy to grow in your cottage garden it blooms in spring and early summers. Its flowers are Humming birds and gardeners favourite.

14: Coralbells

coral bells plant

Coralbells blossom in spring and early summers, it produces sprays of pink red and white flowers. Grew 3 feet tall and need part shade and well drained to grow.

15: Lavender

lavender plant

Lavenders have the beautiful fragrant foliage and flowers basically known as the ornamental herb. It flowers has typical shades of violets and white in colour which can be used for drawing and other craft projects.

This plant is 1 to 2 feet tall and available in market with various varieties and one of such lavender flower plant name is lavandula varieties. It need full sun and well drained soil for growing properly.


If you genuinely follow this cottage garden plant list given in this article then you will surely get good result of having many shades and designs of flowers and greenery in your cottage garden. The fragrance of these flowers like scent will totally set a romantic tone in the evening. The best part is you can do small party or function at that place; these plants will work as decoration part of the party.

We wish that this article will help you a lot in gathering the best information for the cottage garden plants for shade.

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