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The bedroom is the place to spend the quite lot amount of time in our bedroom; it should be kind of our dreamy place and have enough space having things which can calm one’s mood after scheduling a busy time.

Now a day’s everyone likes decorated bedroom, people usually hire the decorators for their bedroom decoration. Before contacting any decorator or designing company you can read some tips or bedroom decorating ideas, you must know a few aspects that will help you in bedroom decoration.

1: Bedroom Decoration Idea to Choose Colour Wall

Colour Wall - milky homes

People usually get confused while choosing the colour for their bedroom. You must choose the light and soothing colours, do not use the dark and bold primary colours. You bedroom colour should affect and calm you moods which give relaxation to your eyes.

You can also try the textures paint for the main wall getting painted one wall with the dark colour textures and other three of same colour but different from the main wall, you can choose the main wall which touches the forehead of the bed.

If you wish give your room a traditional touch then I have one bedroom traditionally decorating idea that is use the wallpaper of traditional design prints.

2: Enrich Your Ceiling Accordingly

Ceiling - milky homes

The ceiling is the wall that you see while you lie on the bed so it must be decorated finely. The ceiling must not consist of many colours and designs. Try to use some pattern in fall ceiling; it gives the royal touch to your bedroom.

3: Choose Right Furniture

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The furniture should be according to the space of your room. Try to pick the colored furniture matching to your wall colours instead of wooden texture color. Arrange your furniture in the manner that there should be enough space in a room and must not look clumsy.

Choose the centerpiece of the wall wisely for the bed; try small and matching tables near to your bed to put your things nearer to the bed.

4: Simple Flooring

Flooring - milky homes

Choose the flooring according to your choice, it should be simple many people goes for white flooring. If you like designer flooring you can do that too it’s totally up to your choice and likeness.

If you are going for the simple flooring then you can put the floor carpets. This looks wise and also makes your feet feels smoothen while walking into a room.

Put the floor mates on the gate this will help in not entering the outsider dirt into the room. Choose the designer floor gate mat for your room because this is the first thing which people see while entering the room.

5: Lightning

house Lightning - milky homes

It’s the main element of your bedroom. You can use the designer wall piece of light to decorate or you can also try the fall ceiling light and the fancy light hung from the ceiling. Must have one coloured light for the night and for day try the white inviting light shades it relaxes our mind.

6: Decorate the Space with Flower and Candles

Flower and Candles - milky homes

Candles and flowers are the best to decorate the bedroom, it looks great. Try the matching stand to put the candles in the room. You can use the faux flower instead of using the fresh flowers; no need to change the flowers daily. One of the best bedrooms decorating idea is flowers and candles; this has also become the best bedroom decorating trend.

7: Decorate Wall with Pictures

Wall with Pictures - milky homes

Personalize your vacant wall by adding family pictures or your memorable pictures. Put pictures in some designer manner, use good and designer frames for the pictures. Do not culms the wall by hanging many picture frames.

These pictures frames add the more beauty to your room and whenever you see these pictures they will remind your memories, your beautiful moments and the love of your family and your spouse share to them. This will help you in refreshing your mood too.

8: Put Lamps Besides Your Bed

apartment Lamps - milky homes

Well this has become a bedroom decorating trend putting the designer lightening lamps beside bed tables. In every serial or movie you can see this trend. Well this looks awesome in nights when you switch off all the light and lighten these lamps.

9: Choose Your Window Curtain Wisely

Curtain - milky homes

The curtain is the necessary ingredient in decorating your room. Pick the curtain for your window according to the bedroom wall colour. The matching curtains give the extra attracting look to your room. You can choose the dark colour and good fabric curtain they do not look dirty. In the meanwhile if you don’t have not much time no need to worry to wash them.

Buy two or three types of curtain for room and try changing your curtain monthly or weekly, by doing this you will not get bored by watching on one kind of curtains. These curtains stop the outsider Daylight and dust coming inside your room.

10: Decorate your Bed with Romantic Textures Bedsheet, Pillow and Cushions

Pillow and Cushions - milky homes

The central main thing is to decorate your bed. Decorate your bed with good designer bedsheet and pillow also use colourful cushions. Choose the comfortable bed sheet, pillow and cushions. Don’t but the conventional colours of bedsheet try some romantic colours which will lighten your romantic mood when you come on your bed with your partner.

Main thing is how to put or lay down your bedsheet and the tip to decorate your bedroom bedsheet is ignore making wrinkles in bedsheet, tighten bedsheet looks sexy on the bed.

11: A Beautiful Painting

museum Painting -milky homes

Hang a artwork or painting at the center of bed attached wall. A well placed centrepiece is the most ideal approach to enhance the bedroom beauty and it will room into bedroom dreamy place. Make sure this painting should be different and unique as like other normal paintings.

You can use a single piece of simple symmetry or asymmetric or two symmetric piece but however ensure that they are of same width. Don’t hang the wall matching colour painting, try of buying a different colour.

12: Don’t Forget Mirror

pretty woman Mirror - milky homes

Mirror is the necessary part you can hang it any vacant wall or at the backside of the gate. The mirror is something to serve as focus of the room. The mirror reflects the light and gives the extra brightness, shine and sparkle to your room. Hang the smaller or longer mirror above your dresser. Ignore the plain mirror try the designer and classy mirror frames in to decorate the bedroom in traditional manner.

13: Book Shelve for Book Lovers

living-wall Book - milky homes

If you are book reader then make a shelf for your book collections and make it the great and focal piece of your bedroom. The shelf is another important ingredient into the room to put the other essential and smaller things on it. Consider by layering the books starting from smaller then to the bigger one put the smaller books in front. Try not to overcrowd the shelf, clean it daily or weekly.

14: Comfortable Chair

Comfortable Chair - milky homes

For the weekends when you spend lot of time in your bedroom you will need a comfortable chair to sit in, you cannot lay on your bed entire day.

In order to bedroom decorating idea you can place a chair in the corner of the room, this will make your room look extra cozy and you can spend time by reading a book, newspaper and improving your thoughts to feel another comfort.

You can buy a bean bag it is in high demand nowadays, you can also go for small sofa or armchair as per the bedroom decorating trend.

15: Make Sure Your Room is Clean

spray-bottle Clean - milky house

An essential part of the bedroom decorating tips is to make your room neat and clean. Cleanliness means not only doing the dusting part of the room but putting your all thing on their proper place, unwrinkled bedsheet, pillow on their place, all books on their shelves, curtains hanged properly, mat and carpets in the proper queue and etc.

clean room is the best decorated room, beauty doesn’t come from the high class or rich look things if it isn’t clean. The clean bedroom will give your decorated room the extra shine.


This article comprises the best bedroom decorating idea its only purpose is to guide and help the people that how they can use these bedroom decorating tips at the time of their bedroom decoration. We trust that this article will most likely help you.

If you have already decorated your bedroom then still read this article as there is few aspects that you might love changing in your bedroom after reading this and there is few guidance given that you’ll learn how to keep your decorated bedroom look more beautiful by shifting and removing unwanted things from the bedroom and never make room untidy. We hope these 15 Bedroom traditional decorating idea will help you and your friends a lot.

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