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When it comes to home renovation and different design plans, the bathroom is given priority as it a place of relaxation for everyone. We simply can’t resist the thought of having a perfect bathroom. Now, when it’s finally time for a bathroom renovation, there are a lot of considerations that you have to keep in mind.

You simply can’t overspend on bathroom renovations alone. Thus, one must stick to a budget especially when you are low on budget and still want your dream bathroom. There are so many designs and ideas for renovations that comes up every day and you can use them effectively to make your dream a reality.

You can use a combination of innovative ideas and try recycling and remodeling to get your desired results. Following are some of the easiest bathroom renovation ideas which will help you in transforming your bathroom into a luxurious one, that too in budget.

Reclaimed and Recycled Materials

This is one of the interesting ways to get the perfect bathroom look with the help of using old fixtures into a new style. When we talk about old, refer to it as a recycled new.

You can create a bathroom design of your choice such as giving it an old school look by using reclaimed timber into vanities and flooring and for recycled countertops. With that, you can give your bathroom a luxurious look.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Using freestanding bathtubs is one of the best ways to create that traditional look. You can get a free-standing bathtub that can give your bathroom a timeless appeal and also save you costs of sealing and waterproofing around it. These bathtubs are known to be luxurious and giving a spa-like feel. This way, you get luxury at a low cost.

Minimalist Theme

When it comes to bathroom renovations, sticking with the minimalistic theme is the best way to create that classic feel. Going for a simple design and not overdoing anything is the best way to attain your goal of having a luxurious bathroom. You can go for a minimalist design with neat lines and ornamental bathroom fittings.

It will give you a spacious bathroom with all the amenities you need. Also, with almost no fussy moldings and huge fittings, you save a lot in expenses.

Open Showers

Showers are one of the most important expectations of any bathroom style. As we all know, it is one of the most important parts. So, you will definitely want to invest more money in it for making it perfect.

The best way to get that desired class and save some bucks at the same time is opting for open showers instead of the one with the curbs. You can put a frameless glass to create a partition giving it a perfect look. By doing this you will end up with a unique shower layout without hurting your pocket.

Mix and Match Tiles

Any renovation in your home is done with a purpose to make changes and give the space a new look. Same is the case with a bathroom renovation, you want a trendy look and feel when it comes to design.

The best way to achieve your desired goal is by mixing and matching tiles to create some appealing design. It will make the space aesthetically pleasing as well as save you money that you may have spent on custom-designed tiles.

Experimenting with the Lightings

Use different shades of LED lights to light your bathroom up. Using the same old white luminescent lighting styles looks dull. Instead, you can use dim lights to create the mood as these lights can change the lighting intensity giving you the much-needed flexibility. There is also an option of selecting remote controlled lights, which can give you access to dim the lights at your will.

Large tiles:

We all want that solid stone flooring in the bathroom that looks elegant. But, if you are planning to renovate in a fixed budget that you can just opt for something that looks similar to it. You can use oversized floor tiles that come in large sizes and can give the feel of continuity in the flooring by minimizing the grout lines.


In any bathroom renovation project, there are a series of decisions that one has to make. We all want that luxurious bathroom in our living space in which we can freshen us up and relax after a long day of work.

But, if you are tight on budget and still want a similar look and feel like a luxurious bathroom, you can use the above-mentioned ideas. You should also seek the advice of a good interior designer as they can guide you through the design.

All these ideas may not go with every bathroom style. But with these suggestions, you can create a suitable idea for your bathroom renovation. These ideas are ways of giving you a head start with the planning of bathroom renovations.


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