gas log fireplace

Installing a fireplace is always an exciting proposition. Apart from keeping the home warm and cozy they also add to your home’s decor. In fact, they are one of the most dominating elements in your living room that immediately grab the attention of your guests.

You may be surprised to know that many homeowners give their fireplace a makeover just before listing their property to increase its value.

While you may not be planning to sell your home, adding a gas log fireplace can definitely redefine the decor inside.

If you are planning to install a gas log fireplace in place of your old fireplace you should use this opportunity to give your home a complete makeover. But if you have those old brick fireplaces it can pose a challenge.

In fact, larger the brick area in your wall bigger is the challenge when it comes to working on a makeover. But if you hire a seasoned contractor they would definitely spice up the decor inside and add a fresh touch to your living areas.

While there are dozens of things that you can try when it comes to your makeover project here are four great ideas that you can work on –

gas log fireplace

# Lime Wash Old Brick

We start with the cheapest makeover idea we have on our list. It won’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars for a complete makeover of your old brick wall. Simply lime wash the bricks and the natural white color will create a completely new look.

You will keep the natural grooves and crevices of the old brick and yet create a more solid appearance. If you get bored with the white color shade in the future you can any day choose to get a paint job done and get it done as frequently as you like.

# Wood Mantle Surround 

Wood has its own elegance that no other material can ever match. This is the reason why it has remained one of the most desired construction materials since time immemorial. Paint it in a color of your choice of using one of those natural wood stains and you have something to be proud of.

But you might be wondering how you can use a combustible material such as wood as a fireplace surround. With traditional fireplaces, it was impossible to think about wooden surrounds but you can easily install one around your gas fireplace.

The fact that they can seamlessly blend over your existing brick fireplace makes that all the more special and desired choice for many homeowners.

# Spice it up with Cultured Stone

If you have too big an area to cover and don’t want to go for wood paneled frontage you can opt for cultured stones. As the name suggests they look stone-like but aren’t actual stones and made by pouring concrete into molds.

Once perfectly done they resemble natural stones and add that rustic feel to your fireplace which most of us love. Compared to traditional masonry work they are lighter on your purse too which is an added advantage.

But the option with cultured stones isn’t limited to playing with natural shades of stone as you can also try out different colors just the way you want. If you wish to make a bold statement you can opt for bright colors or stick to the lighter hues.

# Go for a Tiled Look

Does the very idea of installing tiles sound cheap? To state the truth tiles around the fireplace was never desired in the past as most people thought of it as a means of cutting costs when compared to intricate masonry work.

But we have a come a long way since that notion was developed and today you find tiles in a variety of designs and textures unlike in the past. For anyone with a creative bent of mind, tiles offer infinite creative options when it comes to reworking the look and feel of your fireplace.

You can choose from a wide range of textures, designs and color shades. Mix and match them and you will define the look of your fireplace.

And that’s not the only reason you should go in for tiles. They are far more cost effective than other materials we have talked about but perhaps the easiest to maintain.


To conclude each of these makeover ideas would add a unique touch to your living room. Apart from these, there are several other ideas you can explore when you hire a reputable contractor for your project.

As a matter of fact, you can explore several creative ideas when you are installing a gas log fireplace instead of the traditional wood-based ones.

These are more energy efficient, easier to run and most importantly save you from having to get your hands dirty maintaining them.

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