Do you want to become an owner but do not know how to choose between having a new house built or buying a property to renovate?

Between having a new house built, designed entirely according to your tastes, and buying a property to renovate, offering an old-fashioned character, it can be difficult to make a choice!

To help you find the perfect solution for you, here’s a quick overview of the main pros and cons of each solution.

Why choose to build your detached house instead of renovating

  • Choose to build: a house that looks like you

Construction is above all a unique opportunity to realize the house of your dreams. From the most modern design to the most classic models, endless possibilities are available to you. And the personalization of your home doesn’t stop there. Size of your land, the layout of your living space, or choice of materials and equipment: you decide everything!

  • Ecological and economical housing

In addition to a custom house, having your home built also means benefiting from the latest standards in force. This implies optimal thermal and acoustic well-being. Reinforced insulation, high-efficiency heating device, equipment using renewable energy… The houses built today are always more ecological and efficient. This will have a lasting visible impact on your energy bills!

  • Solid guarantees when building a house

Because the other advantage of having a new house built is that it (like its equipment) will stay that way for a long time. Renovation of the facade, change of the boiler… you will be at peace for many years! Tranquility all the more assured as the law provides for a procession of compulsory insurance aimed at protecting the purchaser. Damage-works insurance, perfect completion guarantee, two-year guarantee, and ten-year guarantee thus cover any risk of defects or poor workmanship up to 10 years after receipt of the work.

The disadvantages of construction

Having to comply with the laws can generate real constraints
While the freedom to design your ideal home seems limitless, in reality, a new building must follow certain rules depending on its location. Architectural style, materials, height… the laws for your residential area may contain many restrictions that must be taken into account in order to hope to obtain your building permit. Without this sesame indeed, no construction!

Choosing to build a house takes time

In general, such a project is not recommended for the impatient since the construction of a house can be spread over a whole year … Time during which, you will have to find accommodation. However, this drawback should be put into perspective depending on the type of construction chosen. A container or wooden frame house is much faster to build than a traditional house.

The disadvantage of building: Finding land

The last point to take into account: before building your house, you will first have to find the right land! And this path can be particularly strewn with pitfalls depending on the desired location. For example, it will be much more difficult to find a large piece of land (or even just short land!) In a very popular urban area than in the countryside. But then, be careful to check and budget for the viability of the said land …

Choosing to build your house instead of renovating a property is above all a unique opportunity to realize the house of your dreams. From the most modern design to the most classic models, endless possibilities are available to you.

Choosing to buy a home to renovate: many advantages

  • The charm of the old

The old houses, with their typical architecture and their walls steeped in history, have a charm (some would even say “a soul”) that new buildings do not. Exposed stones, old parquet floors, moldings… Choosing to renovate an old house is therefore to benefit from its inimitable character while modernizing it to give it all the modern comfort by adding the latest and rustic furniture to the home. Well thought out, a renovation can raise the worst energy strainers to performance equivalent to that of a new house.

  • Renovating a property will give you a better location than having a house built

Another point, but not the least: old buildings often offer the best locations. Because, it is undeniable: the best-located sites, in the most popular areas, have been built for a long time! To take advantage of these ideal locations, it will therefore usually be necessary to look at old properties.

The disadvantages of choosing to renovate a property rather than build a house

  • Duration and budget difficult to assess

The main risk when you choose to buy a house to renovate is to see your work drag on and/or your budget explode! For your investment to be profitable and not to find yourself living for years in the middle of unfinished work, it is therefore imperative to properly prepare and budget your home renovation project.

  • Potential feasibility issues

A step that begins before the purchase to ensure the feasibility of your redevelopment desires. Finding out after the fact that the wall you wanted to open is load-bearing, for example, would not be good news for your budget … Also note that in the event of a change in the exterior appearance of the house, you will need to obtain prior authorization.

  • Choosing to renovate instead of the building is knowing how to plan

In short, even if the very real physical presence of an ancient good can reassure those who have difficulty in projecting themselves on simple plans, never stop at a superficial examination! Do not hesitate to have the property appraised, to visit it with professionals, to have an energy audit carried out, to go to the town hall for information… In short, to conduct the investigation seriously, the profitability of your investment depends on it!

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