Hygge Light

The writer of “The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living,” Meik Wiking describes “hygge” as the art of creating a good atmosphere.

In this highly toxic world, who would not want that, right? It’s no wonder so many people from different parts of the globe, including those from non-Nordic countries, have jumped on the hygge bandwagon because it is a very simple way of achieving happiness.

Creating Hygge

One of the most important components of hygge is warm lighting. In Denmark, candles are staples of a delightfully pleasant home. In fact, the country is the second biggest consumer of wax candles in Europe.

Now, if you are not from any Nordic country where candles are considered must-haves not only for their cozy aesthetic but also as a source of additional heat, you may not be keen on using candles often.

Candles can be unsafe, especially for households with pets and children. Secondly, they emit heat and, if you are from the UAE or some other warm location, you probably do not want anything that can intensify the natural heat inside your home. Thirdly, you need several candles to properly suffuse your home with enough warm glow, which essentially means candles can cost you a considerable amount of money.

Hygge Light

LED Lights Instead of Candles for a Cozy Home

Thankfully, there are LED alternatives to traditional hygge lighting. LED lights come in a variety of colors and brightness. Plus, they are cost-efficient despite their rather higher retail price because they do not use that much energy, and they have a longer functional lifespan (up to 50,000 hours) compared to other lights in the market. Lastly, the best LED lights allow heat to dissipate quickly, making them rather safe to touch and ideal for homes in warm countries.

So, if you live in a non-Nordic country but you want to incorporate hygge into your home, LED lights are your best options.
Here are some hygge lighting ideas to consider for your home:

1. Faux candles in the bathroom

These look like real candles but are mostly made of a plastic body and a LED bulb in the shape of a small flame. These are perfect for those days when you just want to relax in the tub, listen to soft music, and read by candlelight. The faux candles mimic the soft and warm glow of real candles and they flicker playfully as well.

The best thing about these faux candles is there’s no cleanup for melted wax afterwards, and you don’t have to worry about the danger of leaving them lit.

2. Edison-inspired LED filament bulbs in suspended lanterns, and glass lamps or hurricanes

Not only are these LED lights retro-chic but they really create a homely atmosphere especially in studies or reading rooms and bedrooms. They are completely lovely on their own but they look more sophisticated placed in wire lanterns and glass lamps.

3. Strip lights in drawers

Adding a bit more sophistication to homes are strip lights that you can line drawers with. This idea is perfect for the kitchen, the heart of the home, and where you need as much illumination as possible to easily see the utensils you need.

4. Strip lights on the steps of your stairs

This lighting idea will not only make your stairs safer to use but it can transform staircases in into intimate hangouts for the family as well.

How nice would it be to wake up early in the morning and just sit by the stairs waiting for other family members to wake up so you can all have breakfast together? You can all just hang out there until everybody’s up.

5. Fairy lights in the bedroom

Like candles, fairy lights can make your favorite spots at home quite hygge. According to the Danes, on the scale of one hygge to 10 hygges, fairy lights are at least 11 hygges. You can hang them around your bedroom windows and over your bed, or bundle them up in a large clear glass jar on your nightstand for a magical and homey atmosphere.

6. Twinkle lights strung around your indoor plants

Do not deck out your indoor plants only for the holidays, string twinkle lights around them for a year-round hygge vibe. Turn on the twinkle lights strung around your plants anytime you want — not just in the evening or when you have company over. Let these lights be a visually delightful treat for you every day.

Lighting the Hygge Way

There are still many other ways that you can boost the hygge factor in your home by using different LED lighting.

You truly are only limited by your personal creativity. However, let the six tips shared here inspire you. Every one of them is easy to execute and will definitely provide your home with that comfortable, cozy and warm atmosphere that encourages quality time with your family and friends.

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