House owners these days find string trimmers more useful than lawnmowers. Landscaping professionals find it a handy machine helping them bring more perfectness in their jobs. This machine is fast, easy to handle, and quickly reach in every nook and corner of the garden unhindered. However, there are some tricks to maxing out the string trimmer you are using.

Choose the right string trimmer

String trimmers are available in the market in different specifications. There are corded electric string trimmers, chargeable battery string trimmers, and gas string trimmers. Electric string trimmers with cords have some limitations as you understand, battery-run string trimmers need to be changed regularly after each mowing job, and gas string trimmers are to refuel.

Choose the correct one as per your lawn or garden size and mowing necessity. Gas string trimmers are cacophonic and heavier than electric or battery trimmers. Using a string trimmer harness makes these advanced trimmers work fast and lessens your labor.

4 little tricks for the best result from mowing with a string trimmer

  • Master the art of tapering

Tapering is just great when you need to trip the swaths of grass on the boundaries of the lawn, grass growing at the foot of big trees, walls, fountains, or anything where the trimmer reaches the dead-end. In these areas hold the string in such a position that the line cuts the swath at a smaller angle.

Something between fifteen-degree to thirty-degree work wonders in these tough ends. Initially, you may fail as position the line in this way needs some practice. Sometimes, you may press the string trimmer against the obstruction and uproot the grasses altogether. Never mind, you’ll master the art of tapering within a month.

  • Learn where edging is necessary

This is another useful trick to trim a tough end where the normal trimming process doesn’t work. Grasses grow abundantly on the areas between the laws and concrete driveway or walkway. These are stretched and slim areas like a drain where you generally don’t plant anything. You may prefer to keep these stretches clean.

To do so, don’t use your trimmer in a normal position rather hold it in such a way that the line drops on the ground vertically. In this case, ninety-degree is perfect though you’ll not be able to hold in a perpendicular position always. As you proceed with the trimmer lots of grass, pebbles, debris, and grass will splash on both sides. It will clean up space nicely.

  • Screeding is another useful way of using a string trimmer

You can use the string trimmer to uproot grass growing here and there on the concrete surfaces also or paved ways. This is called screeding. Adjust the trimmer in such a way that the tip of the string hits the concrete surface while the rest of the string cuts through the base or near the base of grasses and weeds.

  • Clean the string immediately after each mowing

Keep the string as clean as possible and replace it when it seems useless. Constant friction with the ground and grass make the string (line) weak and useless. After some time, it needs to be replaced. If you ignore this matter, you’ll not get the desired result.

If you understand the complete workability of this versatile outdoor power tool, you would reap more benefits every time you use it to keep the lawn clean. Use the above-mentioned tricks to achieve the best results from this wonderful machine.

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