Common Types of Fencing

Fencing is mandatory to set up privacy from your next-door neighbors. Security is an important thing to examine when looking for a new home. Adding a fence is the first step in properly securing your home. The type of fence you would choose depends on your preference. You can either go for a wooden one or for a wrought iron one, irrespective of the type a fence is necessary to add more sense into your home and backyard.

Apart from security purposes, a fence tends to enhance the beauty of your garden as well. Fortunately, the industry offers a wide variety of fences and frames. There is a broad range to choose from, therefore, give your backyard or front yard that exquisite feel along with functionality by installing a fence. If you are one a budget, then avail online deals to purchase fences in reduced prices. Check this blog out for the different types of fences for residential homes you should be viewing.


Types of Fences for Residential Homes

Aluminum Fence for a Sturdy Look

This type of fencing is probably the most common type of fencing around the globe. Made from aluminum, it’s heavy-duty and provides a rugged feel. This type of fencing is quite popular, owing to its low maintenance—no need to invest your valuable time in taking care of it. Aluminum fence is better than iron ones as they it has a low chance of rusting.

However, be mindful of keeping it away from water; otherwise, a thin layer of aluminum oxide can form on it, which leads to further damage. An aluminum fence will require professional assistance to get installed, but once it’s installed, it requires no man labor for maintenance. Therefore, this type of fences for residential homes is perfect.

Wooden Fences for Residential Homes

Wood fences are budget-friendly and offer excellent security protection as well. Not only, there is cheap, but they tend to add a rustic feel to your backyard. The type of wood you would buy depends on your budget. Choose from different types of woods such as cedar, redwood, or tropical hardwood. A wooden fence is high for adding height and goes perfect with your garden décor. The size you pick also depends on the size of your garden.

Once, you get a wooden fence, they can last a long time in your home. Moreover, the market offers a wide range of wooden fences to choose from. Choose the one that best fits your taste and enjoy your wooden fence for residential homes.


Wrought Iron Fences for Residential Homes

Wrought iron fences are being used for a long time. They date back to a hundred years ago. They’re mainly used for their heavy-duty, sturdy look. With wrought iron fences for residential homes, you can add ornaments and pick aesthetic design according to your taste. One drawback of it is definitely, the rust.

If you take preventive measures to keep the metal from rusting, then wrought iron lasts for decades. Speaking of its cost, it’s up to you if you want to go for a basic one or want to add details on it. Wrought iron fences for residential homes require high maintenance, but with its unique qualities and popularity, it’s a safe option.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences for residential homes is a high-end option. However, purchasing vinyl fencing might not be light on the pocket. It’s popular for providing its users with low maintenance. Moreover, it five times stronger than wooden fences and offer great flexibility as well.

Vinyl fencing does not require any paint, and you can clean stains on it easily with the help of soap and water. Vinyl fencing comes with a long life span but a higher upfront cost but judging on all the benefits you can reap out of it, I believe it’s a convenient option.


Chain Fences for Residential Homes

Now, these might not look too attractive, but if you are tight on budget, then you can go for these fences. They fit better front yards where your garden can be showcased to outsiders beautifully—popularly used for commercial purposes at schools, streets, or grounds.

They are durable requiring very little maintenance. Note that for your backyard, they won’t add too much security, but when you give it a thought, they are not a bad option for budget-friendly fences for residential homes.

Wrapping it All UP

Choosing fences for residential homes will require exploring a tremendous amount of options before landing on the right one. You would want to examine a lot of different options if you wish to choose a fence that best suits your budget. For a pocket-friendly purchase, use Fencing Direct discount codes. Check this blog out as I have enlisted some basic types of fences that you should be going for.

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