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Over the recent few years, it is incredibly apparent that the crime rate has increased tremendously due to a lot of causes. According to a crime report posted by a renowned site, over the last few years, violent crimes such as the battery, assault, rape, etc. have increased by 19% in a year while homicide murder independently has increased by 12%-14%.

A lot of these crimes are unfortunately also affiliated with home invasions. Therefore; it is no secret that your home security should be top-notch to avoid such ill-fated incidents. We have made this process evermore easy for you by compiling the top five tips to avoid such a circumstance from ever happening with you or your loved ones:

Upgrade your alarm system and locks:

The first tip which is also the most common and obvious one is to update your locks and alarm system essentials continuously within a set time frame. Up to date systems obviously discourage discrepancies and lessen the chances of burglaries, robberies, and home invasions. An alarm system is an added incentive in your home security that better enables you to protect you and your loved ones as well as your precious belongings even when you are not around.

Hence; our advice to you would be to make it a habit and ensure that you set up your alarm timely. If you have trouble remembering this, you can even set up a reminder on your phone or as a sticky note to help better the process.

Interestingly enough, installing certain types of updated and approved security locks actually helps you lessen your insurance premium. This is because insurance companies believe them to be safest and hence reduce the chances of home invasion drastically.

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Invest in smart lighting:

This tip might seem a little unusual at first but experts have claimed this to be largely successful. The logic behind this is simple and quite straight forward. Smart lighting is a new technology that detects slight movement and lights up the connected appliances if needed.

This becomes essential since burglars and thieves do tend to make the most of darkness. Well lit places affiliated with movement can tend to scare off the invader under the pretense that someone is on to them. Hence; we can safely suggest using smart lights as a way to increase your home security.

Make it less obvious when you’re not home:

A lot of times a major blunder that is made is not taking enough proactive precautions in order to minimize future damage. Such is the case of making it less obvious when one is not at home. An empty home without active assistance is obviously an easier target as opposed to one occupied actively.

Hence; it should be essential to make it less prominent when a residence is not predominantly occupied. This can be done using a variety of methods such as not letting packages and parcels gather up when you’re away, canceling newspaper and magazine subscriptions, letting a neighbor know to check up on your house when you’re away and other habits.

Secure locks and doors before leaving:

One wise move to increase home security is to install anti-tampering devices indoors and devices to avoid break-ins. More often than not, burglars usually sneak their way in through small ventilators and windows which homeowners forget to lock under the pretense of false security.

This can be avoided simply by securing locks and doors before leaving no matter how short the trip might be. Since doors and windows are the most common entry point for burglars, adding extra security makes sense. You can do this by installing window breaking sensors, add steel window bars, etc.


Secure external amenities:

A common mistake that most individuals do is forgetting to lock up the external facilities of their buildings such as the sheds, garages, etc. These outdoor buildings are also usually an extension of the original house and hence are also prone to disasters.

The easiest way to avoid such a scenario is to include these buildings in your security plans too such as alarms, sensors, etc. This will make it harder for someone to break into your house and hence increase home security in the long run.

We can safely assume that with just a little added precaution, a huge future loss may be prevented. Use the tips mentioned above along with proactive behavior for safekeeping and it will certainly ensure that you and your loved ones are protected largely.

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