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Maintaining a home exterior landscape is not something one can do as an option, if you have invested an amount on the place then keeping it in ship shape must be your first priority.

Leaving the lawn unattended will lose you a lot of money that was spent on the lush grass and gorgeous plants. Sometimes, homeowners tend to focus a lot on the plants and ignore the other essential element of the lawn that is grass.

Once the grass starts drying or gets too long to manage, things will take a challenging shape which will require help from the professionals.

However, if you know well about the tools used in grass cutting and other needs for your lawn, then it is easy to keep the lawn in a beautiful form for years.

When we talk about the equipment used in a lawn, a good quality lawn cutter is most significant for various reasons. Here are some useful tips and strategies to use a different kind of cutters:

1. Knowing the kinds of Lawn cutters

There are two major categories that are known as sod cutters and turf cutters, however, there are furthermore divisions in these two that focus on the detailed use in the lawn.

  • The sod cutters are used to transfer patches of grass with the part of soil and roots and these range from manual cutters to the mechanical ones depending on the amount of area.
  • Turf cutters are more focused on removing the grass and planting it on another surface or just maintaining it to look even and more beautiful.

2. How to Use the basic Square Edge Cutter?

It is more effective in the circumstances when you need to remove very small patches of sod and it almost looks like a shovel. The shape of this cutter allows a clean cut of the soil that is attached to grass and also allows more control as it is not motorized.

This cutter is even used as a shovel, use your foot to press it down near the edges of the grass and lift up the whole section of soil neatly to be rolled like a grassy carpet.

3. Ways to use Kick Sod Cutter

This kind of sod cutter has some unique qualities such as longer handles that are attached to a crossbar. It is called the Kick cutter because the crossbar is kicked in order to work the machine for desired results.

You need to decide the working area clearly before the device starts working and then keep kicking the cutter according to the speed and amount of work you want it to achieve. It also needs some strong muscles to work this cutter.

4. How to deal with a turf cutter?

Any professional landscaping consultant will know how to operate and use these cutters effectively such as the first step will be to make sure all the nuts and bolts are in place and the device is set according to the needs such as depth of soil or the length of grass required. If the device is powered by fuel then ensure that it has a full tank and be careful of the wires if the device is electric.

The choke switch has to be turned off once the device is running and make sure to adjust the speed of the device according to your walking pace.

5. Have you got the Right Cutter?

Depending on the type of grass you need and the sod you are cultivating for the lawn, decide on the best kind of cutters that are suitable for the job. Sometimes if you have a huge lawn and variety of needs, it is better to own every kind of cutter so that tasks become convenient.

Dealing with all the basic elements in a lawn is equally important as taking care of the wall sidings or the roof for making a house look dazzling.

If you were hesitant on keeping a complete lawn care tool kit and though that you may not be able to use them well, this piece of writing may have helped you and boosted the confidence.

You can even grow some grass for the other areas of the lawn in a specific part once you know how to use the sod cutters.

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