Various interior design styles are in trend these days. Among these, “modern” is one of the decor styles that can help to make your home versatile. So, let’s look at the particular features of a contemporary design and how to incorporate them into your living space.

What is a modern style of decor?

The modern style emerged from the early to mid-20th century (1920s-1960s). Modern design typically follows a particular style format and has an impactful staying power. It is all about simplicity and creating a space with straight lines and a minimal color palette. Generally, this style of decorating is free from heavy embellishments and complications.

Few characteristics of modern style furniture decor you should know

  • Simple

Generally, a modern design style of decorating is simple and functional. Unlike the complication in other design styles, modern design follows a simple rule: “Form always follows function.”

  • Natural Materials

Developed by German, the modern style includes using natural materials such as metal, wood, glass, and silk.

  • Clean Lines

In this style, most detailing is linear, crisp, and clean rather than ornate and curved.

  • Uncluttered Places

Modern style is highly emphasized in clean places, which means whatever the furnishing and decorative accessory you put should have a functional purpose. Otherwise, you should avoid adding.

How do you achieve the look of modern style in your home? Obviously, you can’t get the look you want by buying certain things with a modern feel. Here some ideas are given so you know what you should do to bring modern style to your home.

  • Modern Style Furniture

The open concept is essential in modern design. So whatever furniture pieces you want to include should have exposed legs. Be it a sofa, chair or coffee table, they tend to be low on profile and have smooth and clean forms without curves or any fussy decoration.

  • Bring Lighting Sources into Interiors Effortlessly

From the entryway to the dining room, if you notice that your ceiling spot has nothing exciting to watch, consider adding lighting sources. An inclusion of lighting elements brightens up your space with a modern style. Whether you choose a chandelier or a pendant light, make sure it is perfectly shaped and has a sparkling crystal or gold finish. A lighting fixture in this living room creates an inviting elegance and makes a statement without a distracting eye.

  • Add Texture

Just because earthy colors and natural materials characterize this style, it doesn’t mean your space is boring. You can add interest within a neutral scheme in your window, floor, and other furnishings by adding textured curtains, rugs, pillows, and throws. Avoid large print for modern flair; incorporate simple print on wall art or anything else.

  • Efficient Palette-Black and White

Black and white are two predominant colors of modern style. This combination of color palettes sets the mood modern, and it looks more beautiful when paired with glass and metallic objects. So twist your simple kitchen by building a base of these themes with furniture pieces like a dining table and chair set.

  • Simple Color Scheme

Although it is true that modern design mostly uses neutral tones and shades of black and white, there is nothing wrong with adding any hue of primary color. Using other colors in small ways (like in an accent chair, sofa, pillow, lamp base, or rug) gives your home a simple but bold look.

  • Pay Attention to the Shape

One of the most important factors in modern design style is shape. This style features geometric shapes like rectangles, rounds, squares, triangles, and ovals. They draw the right kind of attention without over-ornate detailing. This image shows that the triangular chair, rectangle coffee table, and octagon mirror create a solid foundation for the modern look.

  • A Clutter-Free Vibe

It is better to avoid unnecessary detailing or anything considered visual clutter to bring a feeling of modernity. A clutter-free floor is regarded as best for a modern place. A clutter-free space requires ample storage, so a bookcase, nightstand, and storage sofa are a useful addition to a modern place.

  • Streamlined Accessories

Don’t be afraid to add unique decor accessories like abstract wall art, chandelier, glass vase, or modern-style sculptures. They won’t seem too busy if you maintain a certain distance between them. But if you don’t want to distract the minimalism characteristic of modern design, add a few instead of too many.


Whether you’re new to the world of interior design or sharing your ideas with a designer, you will do your best only if you clearly understand your favorite design style. After reading this article, you will be able to know the basics of decorating in a modern style, in addition to other details like color palettes, furniture, and accessories.

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