Generation Z, a term often loosely used to refer to individuals born between 1995 and 2015, is quickly becoming trendsetters in the realm of casually chic home furnishings and interior design. Contemporary youngsters are rapidly becoming the standard bearers of innovative approaches to urban planning. Known for their bold individuality and creative spirit, this new generation sees possibilities in even the smallest of spaces. Moreover, it is willing to devote ample time to enhance those areas using tips and tricks they have learned from various online sources. As the number of people under the age of 26 in the world’s population continues to rise, we’ve noticed several interesting new design trends associated with the generation known as Gen Z.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas that capture the aesthetic sensibility of today’s youth for you to use in your own home. Want to make some changes to your living quarters? The influence of millennials on home design is a gold mine of ideas for the future.

How to Update Your Decor to Reflect the Tastes of Millennials and Generation Z


1. Mood-Enhancing Lights

The importance of proper lighting cannot be overstated. Lighting is a key component in the warm atmosphere that Generation Z likes to create in their homes. Generation Z is, in fact, more than willing to pay a premium on ambient lightings, such as accent lamps, string lights, and candles, and their spaces often feature bright, colorful strips of LED lights or stunning, ornate Himalayan salt lamps. Twinkling lights, Moroccan lanterns, nightlights in unusual shapes, and colored bulbs are all great choices. Lighting is an important part of creating an inviting space for members of Generation Z.

A salt light may be a nice addition to any decor because of the gentle light it emits. Besides, they also allow you to breathe healthier, purer air, minimizing the need for air conditioning. An instant touch of enchantment can be added to your bedroom or patio with a set of twinkle lights. White or colored LED strip lights are a fantastic option for lighting dark areas like cabinets and closets. You may create a fun and casual ambiance at your next party by using colored lanterns and light bulbs.

2. Muted tones

Walls no longer have to be painted in drab colors. Now is the time for greens, blues, and yellows because those colors are closely associated with the younger generation. Millennials have a strong inclination towards jewel tones and sunny hues.

3. Stick to a color scheme when decorating

If you’d rather go with a colorful scheme than a neutral one, just make sure to stick to one or two colors at most. A bedroom with an overwhelming variety of color options can appear chaotic and cramped. You need to know the best combination of colors that complement each other, without looking overdone. Mixing pinks with green accents, for instance, is understated but still intriguing.

4. Everything Classy

The classic look is very popular among the younger generation. Wood and other rustic touches in furniture and other home decor items are becoming increasingly fashionable in newly decorated homes. The elder generation, who favored similar styles, is now serving as an inspiration for the current age.

5. DIY Art Work

Art is a common means of expressing oneself. Some Generation Z members may be looking for wall art that reflects who they are and what they care about. Moreover, a growing number of people have decided to pick up a paintbrush and produce art on their own. The notions of an “eclectic home” and “maximalist lifestyle” can both benefit from this design trend.

Items that are handmade and environment-friendly are more popular among new-age consumers because of the generation’s concern for the planet. You might feel more at one with nature when you’re in a location that is built with eco-friendly materials and features handmade decor. They have a strong preference for recycled furniture and home accents.

6. Less monotony and more comfort in sitting arrangements

Traditional desks and chairs have been mostly phased out in favor of more flexible and plush options. Make your seating arrangement more interesting by using contrasting colors. Their eye is constantly drawn to the most flamboyantly designed furnishings. You can furnish your home with poufs, ottomans, and other things that serve several purposes, such as bean bags and adjustable seats.

7. Multipurpose Furniture

This is a need, regardless of the size of your bedroom. Young adults, on the other hand, have a penchant for minimalism and are interested in having bedrooms that are both comfortable and stylish enough for sharing on social media. Buying a bed or dresser that incorporates storage is a great way to organize your bedroom without sacrificing style.

8. Combine aesthetics with functionality

Today’s designers not only recognize the possibilities in every space they create but also appreciate the importance of being environmentally conscious. Antique clocks, decorative silverware, and china from your family’s past can all be wonderful additions to a contemporary home. The addition of lampshades, carpets, and cozy wraps you can use to enhance furniture at home.

9. Go with lengthy curtains or no curtains at all

Curtains that reach the floor to ceiling in a small bedroom have the same effect of making the ceiling seem higher. They may make a big impact with very little footprint. You should pick out drapes that aren’t too heavy and that don’t block too much light. Instead of closing off the bedroom with heavy drapes, you may leave the windows wide open.

10. Rejuvenating Bathrooms

The members of Generation Z are taking on the world head-on. Every day, this generation organizes, educates, and advocates for a better future for all people, on issues ranging from climate change to social justice. Self-care is a vital component of their routine, as it can assist to replenish their body and soul in times of massive stress – however that stress may express itself. No wonder they are quite particular about having revitalizing bathrooms, where they can indulge in self-care habits in a relaxed and luxurious manner. Taking a hot shower, lighting some candles, and then relaxing in the tub with a good book, help them unwind from the daily drudgery.

Summing Up

People of Generation Z tend to be forthright about their material requirements. As a result, huge rooms might not be a priority unless absolutely necessary. Thereby, minimalism emerges as the optimal strategy for both space-saving and mental health benefits. For their bedrooms too, they prefer a calm, relaxing space, following a “less is more” aesthetic.

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