Move to a new place

Are you ready to move to a new home? This post is very useful for moving very smoothly. Moving is a time when you feel exciting, hectic and maybe a little bit stressful all at the same time. Planning a move can seem like a difficult task but, if you plan your move with the best advice and some simple tricks than you will make your move hassle-free.

Where to start

At first, we suggest that figure out your overall budget of moving. This is an important factor when it comes to how you are going to move. Next, try to find your moving options. Including renting a truck, co-working partner, portable moving container, and hiring full-service movers. Once you finalize your moving method than start packing.

Move to a new place

Here I listed some of the tips for moving smoothly.

  • Find a licensed and insured moving company:

If you are moving interstate and hire interstate moving company then please double check the credentials. The company always registered with their state government website so please check with their licensed number on the website for past complaint history. If you Google about moving company then so many registered companies listed for the same.

  • Go Green:

Always think about nature in which we are living safely so, please don`t use cardboard and rent or buy reusable plastic boxes instead. The box name is “green box” and it will be available in different sizes and they are very strong, stackable as well as waterproof. The best part of the go green is you don`t need to use tap and cutter for the cardboard box means you have all reason for Go Green.

  • Document safety:

Moving to a new state you need so many important documents like Social Security Card, Passport, Driving license and other documents. Make one list of all the documents and put them in a safe place during the move.

  • Think smart about storage:

If you have a small size home than it is easy. You will need a storage unit for some of your personal things. But, if you find a new home with the same size in comparison of old home then be aware of how much space you have now and consider self-storage space if you have more stuff than you can fit in your home.

  • Find out some apps:

On the internet, there are so many advertising about applications and huge applications are available in the play store as well as on app store so, please find some valuable application about moving plan, moving planner and moving company. Also, some applications provide moving tips and moving checklist so refer them.

  • Treat important item with care:

In every home, some things are available who is not change or exchange with a new item like royal antique. You should use your personal vehicle for the stuff like family photo and electronic backups of your hard drive. Write “Handle with care” title on the boxes of these items and put them in your new place as soon as possible.

  • Prepared with travel arrangement:

If you are figured out how to move with your stuff than now it`s time to plan how you are going to move. If you driving a truck with your own or rent a driver for your truck to reach a destination than find which one is cheaper for you. Please make travel arrangements one or two weeks before to avoid paying high at the last time.

  • Notify your friends and family before some months:

If you are moving to a new state or new city than you will need to tell your friends and family about the move.

  • Host the goodbye party:

It is the best thing to gather all relatives, friends, family, and neighbors with hosting the best goodbye party.

  • Place refrigerated items in coolers:

If your new home is not far away than put your refrigerated food in coolers. There are so many refrigerated trucks available for rent so, in this way you don`t need to restock your food and save huge money.

  • Ask your friends or family member to help in advance:

If you have more task in moving then contact your friends or family members in advance for the help. I think it is the best idea to save money.

  • Measure current home utilities:

Before bringing items like furniture or big things, make sure that they will fit in your new home so, measure these items and decide what to bring with you and what to sell.

  • Host a garage sale:

If you have stuff that is not good or not suitable with your new home than arrange a sale for that and make some bucks from that stuff. It is useful to purchase the new stuff which is suitable for you.

  • Check that if your company will pay for moving:

Are you moving for work? You should ask your company if they will pay half or full for your moving. If they pay than save your moving company and start the paperwork like a quotation for reimbursement.

  • Prepare the kids:

This is the thing that a lot of people forget. Remember that sometimes your children are not ready to move to a new home because they feel scary even if they don`t tell you.

Even, if you are super busy but, you should talk to your children about moving. I think there are so many books are available for moving like A kiss good buy, Augustine, Bommer`s big day, and Tigger`s moving day.

  • Unpack the children bedroom first:

It is very important to keep your child`s bedtime routine on the same schedule. This will also help them adjust to the new bedroom very quickly. So make sure to unpack their bedroom first.

I know moving can be very complicated that is why I created this article to help you to move smoothly. Now, you are all settled in, so, invite your all friends and family members and it`s time to celebrate in your new house.

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