From time to time, each of us wants something new in the space around us. However, this desire is not always so strong as to embark on global changes and major repairs.

Especially if you recently decided to buy expensive furniture and have already equipped you with a comfortable and beautiful home.

In this case, it is worth thinking about just a little refreshment of the space of the room, adding new accents and details there, or getting rid of mistakes made in the design.

Free space for furniture

Furniture should not fill all free space. There must always be “free air,” otherwise the interior will be overloaded and is unlikely to become a comfortable place to rest.

Therefore, it is worth thinking, and maybe in your house, it is worth rearranging excess furniture and freeing up margin for maneuver.

Wall decor

Beautiful paintings and other wall decor can completely change the appearance and mood of the room. However, you need to hang it at the right height. Designers agree that such accessories should hang at an altitude of about 1.5 m from the floor to the center of the decorative element.

Furniture and carpet

How to combine furniture and carpet? Designers distinguish three main methods. Put all the furniture on the rug, place it around the carpet or make it so that only the front edge of the carpet attaches to the carpet.

The first method is best suited for a large room, the second, on the contrary, for a small one, and the third method will become a good unifier of interior elements in one composition, and allow you to create a feeling of open and free space.

Eye line

To make the decorative elements in the room look harmonious and draw proper attention to themselves, it is better to place them at the level of the eyes.

Besides, if you want to make original accents in the room, it is better to put them in such a way that the eye falls on them immediately upon entering the room.

Unusual items and accessories

Create a unique atmosphere and emphasize your individuality can be very simple. Today, unique furniture in the online store is available for everyone, and it will help to refresh your interior.


Sophisticated design has several levels of brightness that can hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the room. Think over this question in such a way that you have both the primary and additional accent lighting. Therefore, you can provide a cozy atmosphere for a different mood and time of day.

If we are talking about a compact little flat, free space is always an issue. Of course, you need to keep large blankets, voluminous winter clothes, and even household items that are rarely used somewhere.

1. Use cabinets for other purposes


Do not be afraid to act unconventionally. If you have a shelf in the kitchen, then it is quite acceptable to keep boxes of things rarely used in it. It could be anything, even shoes or clothes. It does not matter that this is a kitchen cabinet – it is essential that you free up a lot of space.

2. Add shelves

Take a close look at your offices and storage systems: perhaps you can add a few shelves to some of them, and then use boxes and storage baskets.

3. Put things horizontally instead of hanging them

It is not necessary to hang bulky winter clothes, for example, a coat, on hangers in the closet. If you do not need them now, these things can easily find a place under the bed when folded.

4. Use baskets and boxes

Many things can be stored under shelves and racks, in containers, baskets, and boxes. In this regard, transparent plastic bottles are very convenient. It is much easier to find the things you need quickly.

5. Shoes

If you have a whole collection of shoes at home, consider purchasing compact storage systems for it. Therefore, shoes take less space, and it will be easier to get them.

6. Use storage bags

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Why not. Most likely, luggage and travel bags are idle for most of the year. So why not keep in the things that you rarely use.

7. Just get rid of some things

Try devoting one day to try to look at life easier! Do you need all those things that are stored in your home? Throw them away, donate to someone. Perhaps some people need it.

8. Clean up more often

If you do not pay attention to where something is, you can easily forget and get confused in your cabinets. Therefore, sometimes take time to revise what is stored and how optimally these things are located. There is always something to improve!

9. Do not dust items on the shelves

Do not allow small things to dust on the shelves. It is better to put them in boxes or baskets. Therefore, it will be easier to find and get the necessary items.

10. Make decisions

We all have things that we cannot say goodbye to, although we do not use them. Old newspapers, stuff you did not throw away, buying new ones in exchange, everything that is broken and requires fixing, unfashionable things that you may wear once – all this is stored, takes up space and … is unnecessary.

So, set yourself and your home free from these things. Take a breath, deciding to bid farewell to the unnecessary elements!


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