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Storing stuff in your bedroom can be hectic. Whether the bedroom is small or big, how you store your things is very important. Many things make the room appear small and squeezed.

Nobody likes living a place full of all kind of things lying around. In most cases, the storage of items in the room will bring a significant difference and feel to the room. When looking for more space for storage, you should avoid wasting the floor space.

Instead of installing a massive closet for storage in the bedroom, you can have other useful ways. Here are ways how you can increase storage space in the bedroom.


1. Maximize Under the Bed

Many will cringe the idea of storing stuff under your bed. In fact, under the bed is the easiest and smartest way of storage in your sleeping space.

Before looking for boxes or bins to place under the bed, measure the width and height of the space. You should consider the following:

• Plastic containers designed for storage under the bed.

• Wheeled bins that open on each side.

• Old dresser drawers.

2. Organize your Dresser like an Expert


If you have some best dressers in home then it can be a solution when maximizing on storage. How you fold clothes or organize can be of an impact on your storage space. In your dresser, try and introduce folding and drawer dividers. Take your time and carefully arrange the space.

You can try the vacuum packing of clothes. For example, during the summer, you can vacuum pack the heavy jackets since they are bulky and not being used at that season. They are too bulky hence reducing the storage space in the dresser.

3. Use Double-Duty Furniture

Double duty furniture is another excellent idea to increase storage space. Instead of having a table, you can have small storage cabinets. There is furniture in the room that can be double such as

• Desk built into a bookshelf. On the shelves, you can store books and other stationery.

• A nightstand with storage. It can have a drawer or a shelf below it.

• A storage bench. A bench at the foot of your bed can be used for storage. It can have space in the interior to store books, towels or blankets.

• Desk with storage cubbies.

Instead of using streamlined things, try to create more ideas with double duty furniture to store more items.

4. Making your Wall Shelves


People overlook the fact that the wall in the bedroom can provide excellent storage space. Make shelves that hang along with the height of the wall. Select a place that the shelves can fit.

Ensure they do not cause any squeezing or disarrangement in the room. You should fabricate your shelves allowing you to have the freedom on the size and the dimensions. Ensure that they are useful and work well in the bedroom.

5. Headboard that Multitasks

Your bed can adapt to store many things at the headboard. Choose a headboard that can give you storage for magazines, books, spare lighting bulbs, candles, plants, and other small things. It can act as décor and also increase space for your storage purposes.

6. Use the door

If you have maximized on all the storage spaces, your door can be used for storage. Behind your door, you can place the door racks, organizers and the shoe cubbies. They are a significant way to create more storage space. The space behind the door is taken for granted but can create a storage space for you.

7. Consider Dresser Organizers

Messy and overstuffed dresser can reduce the storage space. Organize the dresser by following the steps below.

• Empty your dresser and start organizing the clothes.

• Group items by category. The categories can be of tops, undergarments, socks. Split them into categories to make it easy when locating the clothes whenever in need.

• Don’t fold bulky clothes in the dresser organizer. Clothes like sweatshirts and jeans should be moved to a different place. They can be placed in a hanging bag.

• Rotate the clothes seasonally. Rotating will ensure you won’t wear the same clothes all the time.

8. Install a Knee-wall Dresser


Knee wall dressers are short, interior walls that are built beneath a roof rafter. They are found in the top floor rooms. In the unused space in the bedroom, you can convert to the knee-wall dresser that can provide storage space. In one of the upstairs bedroom, install the dresser. It can be a full-sized, eight chest drawers without using any space on the floor. Consult a licensed contractor before making the dresser. Ensure your walls can be used to build them.


It does not require a professional to help you create more storage space in your bedroom. You need to sit in your room and think about the things you can transform to create more space.

Additionally, creating more storage space will make the room tidy a pleasant place to spend your time. The most significant percentage of people worldwide spends more time in the bedroom than any other room in the entire house. Increasing the storage space makes the room look big and having a fantastic feel.

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