Nowadays moving a house from one place to another is one of the biggest and frustrating things in our society. Sometimes moving a house becomes the major hectic and problems for us.

Many of the movers and packer firms use the huge number of Tools and equipment which helps to make house removal easier and frequent.

However, if you have decided to move your home on your own, without the help of removal experts and removal despite self-moving cost and risk.


So what equipment and tools would be needed during moving your home, without hiring any movers and packers experts?

Moving Tools and Equipment

So following are the list of must-have moving tools and equipment that helps to make your home easier and free-from any hustle.

Moving Van/Vehicle

Without any doubt, Moving Van is one of the most important and biggest sources of moving tools and Equipment. Moving Vehicle/Van is used for transportation purpose of your household items and belonging from one Location (A) to another Location (B).

Choosing an appropriate moving vehicle is always depends on the distance (between the origin and Destination) and luggage. There will become three possible cases on choosing an appropriate vehicle, these are as follows:-

  • If Distance is short and Luggage is also less, then it’s good to use your own vehicle.
  • If Distance is long and Luggage is moderate, then it’s good to borrow a friend’s truck.
  • If Distance is long and Luggage is also heavy, then it’s better to hire moving vehicle, truck, cargo.

Moving Furniture/Utility Dolly

The Importance of using Moving dolly during your house removal may make you stressed free. Well basically, a moving Dolly is a piece of essential moving equipment and helps to move electric Appliances, TV, and Furniture for a short distance. The advantages of using moving dolly are

  • Saves time,
  • Ensuring an accident-free relocation,
  • Decreases the manual efforts while picking-up the heavy appliances and furniture,
  • It also prevents injuries due to lifting, carrying and moving the belongings.

Mainly it is used by movers and packers professional for relocating the house more easily and comfortably.

Moving Furniture Sliders

Here, the ultimate list of moving tool and equipment goes on with Furniture Slider – Small circular and rectangular shaped pieces of plastic and hard rubber that will make easy and enables you to move heavy furniture with the easy move.

This plus point to using furniture sliders is that it will prevent floor damages and scratches while shifting and moving the furniture by allowing you to slide your furniture effortlessly across the room.

Blankets and Pads for Moving

There are already discussed and listed some of the equipment that professional movers and packers are using in daily life. The moving blanket and pads are generally 72” X80” quilted pads, constructed and made up of durable non-woven fabrics and used for wrapping and covering furniture, Appliance and other kinds of households things.

The moving Blankets and pads significantly protect sensitive surface edges and furnish from dirt and moisture.

Straps and ropes for Moving

Moving Straps are the most important equipment tool for moving home that most of us forget to use while house removal. Many of house removal companies and other cities are habitual to use straps and ropes while moving heaving and difficult objects.

Moving straps and ropes both are best to build a grip potential while carrying heavy objects and appliance more easily and conveniently. Both moving straps and ropes prevents back strain and reflexes injuries and helps to move easily and efficiently.

Packing Tape and Scissors

It’s the best friend of movers and packers, while the most important tool for packing the boxes more easily and comfortably.

Packing Tape is generally used to cover and make secured blanket’s and boxes corners from rats and other pet animals. Scissors used to cut the packing tape and ropes into necessary pieces.

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is the most essential tool for measuring and helps to arrange the boxes dimensionally and accurately. It also helps to covers blank or unused space properly. This tool makes DIY moving more accurately and effectively.


You really not needed hammer while moving your home. It’s is needed after the relocating to the new home for hanging framed arts on the walls.

Make use for proper tools and equipment for appropriate moving practice.

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