Floating Timber Floors

The first thing which you might want to know is what is floating timber floors exactly?

Floating timber floors are simply any other kind of timber floor which has not been glued or attached to the subfloor. It is simply put on top of the existing floor to create a timber floor appearance on top. It can be laid on top of tiles, plywood, concrete or even cork.

The only precondition is that the subfloor should be even for the floating floor to look presentable. There are two types of floating floors; one is the real floating floor and the other is fake timber floors. Both are available in a finished state and can be simply laid on the floors to give it a floating look.

The difference lies in the fact that real floating timber is made up of real timber. They are made of thin soft or hardwood layers which gives it a more realistic appearance.

Now as the name suggests, fake floating timber is made from laminate which is a compound of paper and resins. This looks very similar to the real timber floors but exists longer since they are not as fragile as the real ones.

Floating Timber Floors

Now, here a few tips on how to maintain your floating timber floors so that they last longer than usual and seem new:

 Leave the Floor to Dry

Regular cleaning helps in keeping the floor in good condition. But once you are done cleaning, it is always advised to air dry the floor.

The windows and doors should be left open so that the natural air can dry the wet floor and maintain the natural gloss of the floor. It soon starts to disappear because of poor maintenance which can be avoided if taken care of.

A Check on Dirt

the timber floors are sensitive to dirt and dust. It is always advised to keep the floor clean and void of dust. Proper care should be taken, and regular cleaning should be ensured so that dirt does not stick on the floor. In case, dirt and dust settle on the floor, the floating timber floors may develop cracks and dents which are not attractive.

Regular mopping and sweeping are recommended to ensure that the floor is neat and clean. It is also advised that the floor be wiped with soft cleaners and not the harsh ones which might cause corrosion of the floor.

Bolstering the Finish

As we already know, that the floating timber floors are coated with chemicals such as wax which gives them the extra shine and at the same time prevent liquid from seeping into the floor. But sometimes, the best kind of wooden floors cannot stop seepage.

Hence, to protect your floor, one can simply use rugs and other types of covers for your floor so that there is a barrier between the spilled beverage and the floor.

The Kind of Finish the Floor has

Each Floating timber floors has a different type of finish. Each finish requires a different kind of care and maintenance.

Thus, if you are looking for products which will help you in maintaining the floor, it is advised that the products used on them are the ones which suit the maintenance. Choosing the best products and using them as per the schedule will make your wooden floor appear much more beautiful.

Other than seepage, thermal expansion can also take place. This occurs because of excess humidity. To prevent the boards from separating, there are dehumidifiers which can be used.

Floating Timber Floors

Hence, these were the top 4 tips in maintaining your floating timber floors which will help you in keeping your floors new as ever. Other than these low-cost maintenance tips, you can also get professional services from time to time who will refinish the floor with necessary chemicals.

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