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Home is your personal haven. It is where you belong and returns to after a long day at work. If you want to breathe new life in your home and increase its resale value, then home remodeling is the best bet. You can remodel your personal space with the latest trends, useful additions and stylish updates that reflect your personality, character, and aura.

Nowadays, there are many DIY home remodeling videos and articles floating on the internet. However, instead of attempting to remodel it by yourself, it is recommended that you hire home remodeling services offered by professionals at affordable rates.

Read on below for amazing home remodeling ideas for last quarter of 2019 and give your vision a beautiful reality.

Warm Paint Colors

warm natural paint colours

Gone are the days when bold, primary colors were all the rage. 2019 is all about soft warmer shades like white, off white, beige, dove grey, pale blue, light yellow, lilac, and powder pink.

Paint your living room, guest room, dining room, and kitchen with these light shades to make them look cheery and bright.

Moreover, if you are planning to sell your home, then try to provide a blank canvas upon which the buyer can easily envision how they want their house to look like. Undoubtedly, painting your house with a new color gives it a different and fresh look.

Bathroom Makeover


The bathroom is one place where you relax, rejuvenate and wash away all of your worries after an exhausting day. It is imperative that your personal space should be according to your taste and choice.

This year floating vanities, glass tiles and frameless shower doors are extremely popular. For bathroom remodel it is vital that you hire expert services.

Floating vanities give a modern and chic look to your bathroom remodel. They not only take up less space but look extremely beautiful with long wall to wall mirrors.

The professionals that you hire for bathroom remodeling services which type of vanity will look best with your bathroom area and layout.

Also, opt for frameless shower doors to give a new look to your bathroom. These frameless shower glass doors not only save space but also give a contemporary look to your bathroom. Install glass tiles around the shower and on the walls to create a theme.

Additionally, by updating lighting fixtures, faucets, paints and towel racks you can change the whole look of your washroom.

Beautiful Kitchens

Beautiful Kitchens

In order to give your house a new look, it is extremely important that you remodel your kitchen. Another latest trend in kitchen remodeling is wooden floors, light color walls, and two-tone kitchen cabinets.

If your kitchen is painted in a dark color, then repaint it with a lighter shade to make it look spacious and bright. Moreover, try to incorporate a small dining table at the corner of the kitchen or install bar stools around your kitchen island to have family meals together.

Change your backsplash tiles and coordinate it with your wall paint. Also, two-tone kitchen cabinets have made a huge comeback. Try painting your lower cabinets with a lighter color and your upper cabinet with dark color. This simple trick will give a designer look to your kitchen.

Make one wall a focal point of your kitchen. Place your family photo on it or paint it with an abstract design that compliments your kitchen theme and décor. Share your idea with the professionals that you hired for kitchen remodeling services about your dream kitchen and they will give it a beautiful reality.

Open Shelving

Open Shelving

The latest home remodeling trend that has gained tremendous popularity this year is open shelving. This innovative, and yet cost-effective update can make your kitchen & bathroom look spacious and brighter.

However, to put it into action, you first need to remove all of your cabinet doors. With having open shelving you will know on which shelf your cutlery or silverware is kept.

If you are not yet ready to replace your cabinets then just replace one or two upper cabinets with open shelves and see how it looks and works for you. Having open shelves in bathrooms is really helpful as all toiletries will be kept in front of your eyes.


Image result for Outdoor Lights for Entertainment Evenings

In order to increase the curb appeal of your house, it is imperative that you update the outdoors. If your exterior paint is looking worn out, dirty and faded, then apply a fresh coat of satin finish paint in warm colors.

Also paint your window frames, roof and front door in a beautiful shade that compliments well with your house walls.

Don’t forget to update your landscape. If you have a patchy lawn, then hire professionals to turn your rough almost barren landscape into lush green eye soothing beauty. Design your outdoors according to your style, functionality, and comfortability.

Plant blooming shrubs, healthy trees and colorful flowers thus updating your home look and creating spaces where your family members or friends can party, enjoy food, sit and relax.

Update Appliances

Home appliances

2019 is all about integrated appliances that blend seamlessly into the cabinetry. For instance, built-in microwaves, refrigerators, and ovens that not only look extremely pretty but also allow you to customize the size and design according to your kitchen space and layout.

You can also replace your old commercial gas top with induction cooktops. The best thing about these appliances is that they are operated by remote control. You can adjust the temperature of your oven simply by pressing on your remote.

Also, now you have Wife operated fans and HVAC system. You can turn them on while sitting in your office and by the time you reach home, your house will be cool.

Final Word

These home remodeling trends can not only change the whole look of your home but increase its curb and resale value. You will finally get a home of your dreams that is not only comfortable but is designed according to your personality and comfortability.

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