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Till now, we all have heard about how home inspections are essential and how everyone must take priority in booking one.

So, realizing its importance, you might have searched various good companies around you and found a potential inspection company. And you might have also undergone the process and received your final home inspection report.

Now come the important questions like how good is that report on which your final decision depends? How can you conclude from it whether or not to buy or sell your property? How exactly can you know whether the report is worthy or not?

The answer to all these questions is simple –you should have a thorough knowledge and possess the skill to analyze the report. Usually, inspectors will give you a detailed report, pointing out every major and minor defect in the buildings. And, you have to make sure that you are understanding each word with clarity to get the true benefits of the report.

So, we have collected here the points that make a good home inspection report:

1. Must be well-organized

When you look at the report, it should be well-organized and presented well in a logically structured format. The first glance of the report should tell you the professionalism of the work done by the inspector.

It should also contain a road-map of your house including the outside places like backyard, garden, etc. See that the layout of the property is logical and is close to the real building structure.

2. Must be well-written

A good report must be written in such a way that a person who has not visited the property is also able to understand. It must be concise, clear, and devoid of any technical terms that may confuse the reader. A good inspector will take care of these points while drafting the report.

3. Must contain every tiny detail

A report does not only show the existing defects or faults but it should also contain the persons involved during the inspection process. Real estate agents, attorneys, mortgage lenders, etc. – the report should not skip even the tiniest detail.

4. Must contain photographs of the faults

When you are reading the report, you should see many pictures showing the existing faults and defects present in the property. Along with the picture, it should also contain a detailed description of the cause of the fault and the damage it may cause in the future. See if it also contains the estimated amount required for the repair.

5. The points should be straight-forward

Each point of the report must be clear enough that you are understanding it only after one-time reading. Each line must be straight-forward and should not contain ambiguous or vague words. The report should not throw you in a confused state or put you in a dilemma. When you reach the end of the report, you should have clarity on the decision whether you want to buy the property or not.

6. Simple and grammatically-correct documents

Reading a misspelled, grammatically incorrect document is a huge turn-off. It not only lacks professionalism but can make you frustrated while reading. You will not get the information to make a valued decision. And the worse is, your time and money will go down the drain.

7. A well-designed summary section

A summary is a brief description of what the report contains. An inspection report summary must tell about the potential faults of the property. Additionally, it should talk about suggesting the routine maintenance, recommendations of the repairs needed to upgrade the property, and some other modifications as well.

All this information is not only mentioned in the summary section but also the main document part. The points are repeated in summary so that the reader will remember the points.

How a good report helps you in choosing an inspection company?

Do you know a good report will help you in finding a reliable company? It does. When you are in the quest of searching the companies, request them to show their previous reports. And when you read the report, you can tell whether the company is efficient or not by taking a quick glance at the report.

Having the knowledge that’s mentioned above will help you in selecting the company whether it’s honest, efficient, trustworthy, and professional or not.

Final thoughts

Old or new home building inspections is not a new thing. Many people have been seeking pre-purchase property inspection report to reach a final decision before selling or buying a building. Spending a few bucks off your budget for inspections will help you make a worthy investment that brings fame and value to your property.

So, don’t hesitate to go for inspections and make sure you have complete knowledge of the process. Along with what a report contains, you should know clearly about the process, equipment they use, mistakes you need to avoid during an inspection, etc.

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