Few people actually keep car in their garage, in case you don’t use your garage to keep your car & it is vacant place and planning for a garage conversion. Creating it into another habitable room is a good way for increasing additional living space and improving the estimation of your home.

Turning garage into living space is a good idea, this add up the 10 percent value to your home and enlarge your area like it provide additional space to your living space. Garage converted to living space is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to add living area to your home. As the garage is already modified, things are already in place like wires, walls foundation, roof etc.

When you finally make your mind for garage remodel to living space then before getting started there are few things you need to know!

Turning garage into living space must look like natural part of your home not like a converted one, this is most important for its prosperity and your home’s future saleability. Before starting the work consider few things on which you need to focus that where to install power socket, indoors and outdoors, furniture layout so make a rough scaled drawing of your project into your mind before starting.


Here are few elements to evaluate as consider the possibilities:-

1: Exterior

Make sure the brickwork, materials and windows which are replaced with garage door matches the existing house, in this task you need to ask from builder to completely check and how to bond the new brickwork into the old.

2: Natural Daylight

Light make the room look bigger and more shiners and the natural light is the best. If you can fit in the window in your newly converted living area this will make the room more like a room and less like a garage. If you have garage facing to the garden then you can install a window facing towards garden area or else you can replace the one wall with floor to ceiling windows or folding it to the sliding doors will make it feel like wider and much more spacious but must consider the layout of the room with the other rooms.

3: Floor Levels

In most of the homes the garage floor is usually lower than the other floor level of the house so raise the floor if it is possible or if ceiling height is high. Secondly make a rough design in your mind that where you want to position the doors of the new room. It is best to consider that where you want the gate of the new living room rather than going with the existing door.

4: Decorating Details

Match the decorating things with other basic things of house, mainly the colour of paint that you want to put, room joining points, design and shape of windows, doors and fittings, skirting, flooring, light fittings everything even the floor colour and design. Think hard that how you can make the exterior of the garage converted to living room space look like same as the existing house rather than the converted garage. Try to match everything with the existing home colour, door style, windows frame, siding word, pop, furniture colour and material.

5: Wall

Few decisions you have to make when the garage remodel into living space, first you need to check whether the current walls need to be renovated or not or whether you need an addition of new dry wall into your room. Normally the garage walls are sturdy and they do not need much work. Although you have pay attention on the finish and joining points of the room and choosing the colour and design with the existing walls of the home. Leaves spaces for the electric panel wherever you wish to install.

6: Doors

The main piece of new converted living space is the entryway. Whether you like manually pull door or you utilize an electric door opener that totally depends what type of existing door you have in your home, they should match with other doors of the home. You can have wide entryway which can be characterizing highlight of the structure. You have couple of choices when you are hoping to renovate the garage doors.

The first is to leave the entryway the way it is. You can also include a second entryway that is inhabitant & would use regularly. If you wish to have modern look, you can replace the doors with the plain glass. In case you’re living in a territory that is gentle to decent climate lasting throughout the year, this can assist you to enjoy with outside view. The glass can be windows, sliders or a blend of the both; this will permit the maximum amount of sunlight light into your living space. In the event you do not want much light into your space then you can add drapes within the glass doors.

7: Windows

Your living room must require the ventilation to meet the home regulation and it also plays major role at the time fire as it is an escape route to meet fire regulations. How many windows need to be installed in the new living room that depends on to your space and area and also which meet your requirements. Frame the window size matching with the others windows of the home so that these windows so that no one guess that the garage remodel into living space latterly.

8: Electricity

It is the basic utility of any room. At the time renovation call the electrician and install the electricity wires, boards, power sockets everything where it is needed to be.


Mainly, the purpose of this particular article is to elaborate the ideas that how one can convert a detached garage into living space. Each idea and point discussed in this article will guide you on which things you need to focus while converting garage into living space. There are few elements on which you need to focus before any conversion or renovation.

Main thing is whenever you remodel anything it must not look like that you have remodelled it later, it should match with other the existing things of home and no one could even imagine it that you have remodelled it. So we have mainly focused on these points. The one who are searching on internet for the garage remodel into living space can go for it once.

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