Garage tiles

A garage is probably the most overlooked area of the house. Until something is wrong with it or it starts causing any inconvenience, we generally ignore it.

However, garages are a crucial and productive part of the house. It is necessary to keep the garage well-maintained in order to avoid any problems later. For instance, if your garage floor is not leveled, it may cause you some serious issues while parking your car.

In the worst cases, pointed material lying unattended to on the garage floor can lead to damage to the car tires. Such minor problems can easily be dealt with if you are a little more cautious. Maintaining the garage well, especially the floor, lighting and the doors, although seems insignificant, is quite important.

Here, we have brought you top 6 easy and affordable options to consider while flooring your garage –

Garage tiles

1. Peel And Stick Tiles

Peel and Stick garage tiles hold the potential of enhancing the look of any garage floor. In case you have an already leveled garage floor without any cracks or bumps, you may use peel and stick tiles without any second thoughts.

These are easy to cut and can be installed rather quickly without much hustle. You may even generate customized patterns of your own while laying out these tiles.

Thus, if you have a creative mind and do not want to depend on any external resources for designing your personalized garage floor, peel and stick tiles may be the best option for you.

However, before laying them down, make sure that the floor is cleaned thoroughly and is completely dry.

2. Acrylic Garage Floor Sealers

In case you are not looking forward to spending much time with your garage floor covering, then an acrylic garage floor sealer can be the best deal for you.

Although, it is somewhat old-fashioned and simple to look at yet its low cost fits it into anyone’s budget and makes it one of the strongest candidates for flooring garages. It is resistant to car fluids and chloride intrusion.

It can easily stand hot tire pick-up, is breathable and renders your concrete dustless. However, as it is a clear sealer, it is best used on a comparatively unblemished surface.

3. Interlocking Tiles

Available in incredible designs and outstanding patterns, interlocking tiles are one of the coolest options available for flooring garages.

In a short span of time, they have carved a niche for themselves in the market and have become one of the most preferred options. They are known for making the floor firm by locking the space in between and accumulate negligible amounts of dirt and debris.

Besides, they are cost-effective and long-lasting. Generally made of heavy duty vinyl or rubber, these attractive squares snap together rather than sticking directly to the garage floor, thus resulting in a stable floor.

4. Carpeting Tiles

One of the lesser-known options available in the world of garage flooring, carpet tiles lend the floor an overall soft feel and the elegant finishing of a carpet.

The hollow core construction of these carpet tiles allows decent airflow underneath for garages with a wet and damp environment. Easy to install, easy to maintain and super durable, most of these modular carpet tiles are made of recycled material and are eco-friendly.

Besides, they do not absorb water and are highly durable. The tiles can even be mixed and matched to generate an entirely unique design.

5. Epoxy

Incredibly helpful for hiding cracks in the floor, Epoxy coating is a cheap flooring idea for garages. Epoxy is a sort of paint which contains an in-built hardener. It is one of the best options available for level floors.

Various colors can be combined here to generate a variety of patterns, designs, and borders. Most of the effort here goes in preparing the floor for the epoxy coating. Use of epoxy, generally, results in a resistant floor which can be cleaned easily.

6. Vinyl Composite Flooring

If you want to paint your garage floor in retro colors, then you may consider tiling it with vinyl composite tiles.

Capable of resisting many automobile chemicals and other liquids that may get spilled on the floor by accident, VCT is one of the most feasible options.

It gives the floor a lustrous finish which is an utter joy to look at. It also makes for a brighter garage with the headlights of the vehicle reflecting off the shining surface.

Thus, these were the top 6 options to consider. However, there are another simpler (or complex too, if you want!) alternatives available. You may go with what complements your taste and decor ideas in general. Good luck!

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