Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom is already a stressful endeavor without all the associated problems that can come out of it. You’ll be faced with material decisions, costs, labor, and the fact that you are one bathroom short for use.

I can also add to the stress when problems come up after the project has been completed. So here are some helpful tips you can try to make your bathroom remodeling easy, stress-free, and above all, problem-free.

Bathroom Remodel

1. Plan Ahead

Before starting on your project, make sure you have a plan in place. Starting a remodel with little to no planning will only lead to you losing a lot of cash without much work done on your bathroom.

The plan should include the budget, the materials you will need, manpower, and timeframe. Also, make sure this plan has enough flexibility for when unexpected setbacks come up which is inevitable and unavoidable.

2. Start with Prices

There’s nothing worse than being halfway into your remodeling project only to realize the skyrocketing cost draining your funds just because you failed to consult with your contractor. When plumbers and contractors present you with their quote, don’t just skim through it before signing. It’s best to scrutinize all the details, ask relevant questions, and adjust your assumptions.

The rock hill plumber offers upfront pricing for customers and ensures that all repairs performed are to the customer’s satisfaction. People usually imagine a luxurious remodel but contractors are quoting for a modest one.

3. Don’t Touch the Plumbing

In remodeling an existing bathroom, the worst thing you can do is change the plumbing. Moving the bathtub, toilet, and shower around are big tasks to undertake. This is one reason you should always work with a designer. Changing the plumbing can be very expensive but having a designer can help with meeting your desires with the already existing structure.

4. Just the Lid (and seat)

Many people imagine that a bathroom remodels also entails a new toilet. They fail to anticipate how much new toilet costs. Updating a perfectly functional toilet can be an inexpensive task.

A great tip would be to replace just the toilet seat and lid while keeping the rest in place. It can give you toilet a new and fresh look without throwing money down the drain. It’ll also save you installation fees for plumbers.

5. Check your Pipes

It’s easy to think that pipes are something that will last forever, that they don’t deteriorate just because they’re made of hard metal. Well, they’re wrong. Metal corrodes especially if exposed to water.

Some bathroom fixtures that are made of cast iron are even harder to look for corrosion because they rot from the inside. Make sure to check the health of all pipes in the bathroom and always be ready to have new ones installed.

6. Use Isolation Valves

If you’ve ever experienced a busted pipe in the bathroom before, you know it is a huge headache. This means shutting the water source to the entire bathroom making it unusable while it is being fixed.

Consider having isolation valves installed in every pipe on your bathroom during the remodel. It will be easier to service the pipes and allows you to shut the water off on a particular pipe when you see a leak.

7. Going Green

Not only is going green going to save you a ton of money on water usage but it can also be a good way to save on energy. This could involve replacing old appliances and fixtures with low-flow alternatives like shower heads, toilets, and facets.

You’ll be amazed by how much money can be saved by these changes. A bathroom remodel is also a great way to check the water pressure and have a water pressure enhancer installed if it’s found out that there is not enough water pressure going into your bathroom.

8. Air Circulation

If your old bathroom doesn’t have a proper air circulation before, now is the perfect time to get it done. All bathrooms should have a good airflow to vent out excess water vapor and humidity which can cause a lot of damage to your fixtures and other appliances, shortening their lifespan.

Get a fan installed along with a ventilation system in your bathroom during your remodel, it’ll greatly help with any bathroom smell and prevent damage to your fixtures.

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