Unfortunately, our bathrooms provide an ideal condition for many of the pests out there. You may ask why? It’s because our bathrooms have almost all the stuff they want to survive and reproduce.

All they want is moisture, warmth, & shelter which our bathrooms provide it anytime. Apart from this, it can be any cracks, spots, and holes or even some ventilation without repellents.


We say that dirty houses attract pest more often than clean ones but if they have access to the things they want then they can target clean homes too. We will be discussing all things and prevention in this article.

Do you know that there are several things that might lead to bathroom infestation! It includes

  • Moisture:
    It is a fact that most of the moisture problems lead to pest problems. Like how we require water, many insects also need an adequate amount of water to survive. Therefore, excessive moisture can attract many pests like bugs, springtails, and even cockroaches and ants.
  • The warmth of your home:
    It is not always necessary that insects are attracted only because of water or moisture. A temperature rise in your home can attract the insects and pests out there to your home. As insects are cold-blooded creatures but that doesn’t hold a theory that they function well in cold.As it gets a little drop in temperature outside, it can have a significant impact on their function. Thus, they move to a suitable temperature and relocates in your home.
  • Shelter:
    All pests and common insects have the same requirements as we have and it is one of them. They seek warmth in the winter, moisture in droughts, and cool areas in summer while dryness in rains. Therefore, you must take proper care of any cracks, openings, and holes.
  • Uncovered Drains:
    The drains without covers can be a major issue too. The insects can travel all the way up from the drains. As some insects like cockroaches can hold their breaths up to 40 minutes can crawl all the way up to the drains and then to your bathroom.

These are the things which can lead to bathroom infestation. Apart from these basic things, there are some other ways pest and insects find a way to your home.

Why Pests are attracted to the bathroom?

Pests and insects have several reasons to get attracted to your bathroom. It might be that some bugs are attracted to the chemicals and cleaners stored under your sink or some leaking water pipes and dampness.

bathroom insects

The other thing is that, if you don’t keep your bathroom clean then it is vulnerable to many insects and pests. For example, soap sumps and hairs sitting in your drains can invite pests to your bathroom.

In the case of insects like cockroaches, food for them like dried toothpaste on your sink left while you were brushing can attract them. It is also likely that insects and pests attract your kitchen first because of food and water supply is the best there and also dustbins placed nearby kitchens. Later on, they can move and spread to the bathroom as it is ideal for them too.

How To Prevent or Treat Bathroom Infestation?

Treating bathroom infestation is no big deal in most cases unless you have a very large infestation. To take care of infestations, you should be

  • Cutting down the moisture in the bathrooms. Try to keep your bathroom dry most of the time. You should seal all the cracks, holes and any possible entry for insects. If you have big ventilations for bathrooms then it is recommended to tie some mothballs near the ventilation to keep insects and pest away.
  • Cleaning your drains regularly. Wipe off the hairs clogged on the drain cover after bathing as it can attract insects.
  • Avoiding spillage of toothpaste and soap pieces in the bathroom.
  • Fixing all plumbing and drain issues.
  • Noting the entry point of insects as they can also relocate from another part of your home to the bathroom.
  • Getting rid of your garbage cans regularly.

Most of the time, the crevices around the structure of your home is the main entry points for all types of bugs, insects, and pests. You should first find and close all of them at your house. Keep your home hygienic and clean. Use floor cleaners to mop your home once in a month at least.

It is also a great idea to pour leftover hot water while making coffee or tea into sinks or drains to kill any insects crawling up to the drains.

Tools and Resources required to get rid of the infestation in your bathroom.

If you have a very serious infestation problem, you must use pesticides products and spray around your home to get control. Sentricon SC is my favorite one. If you don’t want to do it yourself, call a professional pest control techniques to help you.

  • MothBalls
    They can be a great repellent which can be placed in bathrooms to repel insects and pests entering from your ventilation.
  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
    No poisons, No traps. The combination of electromagnetic and ultrasonic technology can repel insects away from your bathrooms.
  • Drain Cleaner
    You should be regularly cleaning the drain, especially in kitchens as there can be bits of food clogged in drains and needed to be clean to avoid insects getting attracted to it.

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