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“Howdy neighbor, how the fish have you been? I couldn’t help but notice that you do not have any CCTV cameras? Don’t you feel exposed?” An annoying neighbor of mine asked me today, leaning on the fully rolled down window of my car.

Trying to dodge a drop of mayonnaise dripping from his sandwich, I replied, “No, it is a safe neighborhood.”

“Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, do you believe that? Your mommy’s hug is not even safe these days, son, get some soon, better safe than sorry” Pete muttered these words before leaving.

I was thinking about what he said and came to the conclusion that he was not wrong. He was, in fact, so right that I had to research on the subject and what I found was shocking. Turns out that installing cameras at the right spots is more important than choosing the right quality ones.

Alright then, let’s discuss more the unique spots you cannot leave unguarded:

Take The Enemy Up Front

You know there is a village in India where no houses have a front door or gate. Natives believe that out of fear of Lord Shani (Saturn), who is the punisher of the universe, no one will rob their homes. The village is named partly in the name of lord Shani, Shani Shingnapur.

Nonetheless, we can’t all put the weight of justice on the shoulders of a Hindu God, hence doors. And you must have cameras at your front doors at all costs whether it is a full metal gate or a simple wooden plank door.

The front door of your home is what stands between the world and your privacy. Video door answering machines are also suitable for apartments, where you have single door entries.

Watch Your Back

Backyards are the most vulnerable door of your home when it comes to burglary. It is automatically, the notorious most door as it is the door which is by far the least used one. Criminals who are eager to disrupt your peace and privacy see this door as Mario sees shortcut pipelines.

So, two things are essential here, first, if you have a guarding dog, let him have his fun at your backyard; two to install a CCTV camera with night vision as most of the house break-ins happen in the dark meanwhile if you can install big lights there. If the area is entirely visible and has a view, criminals would think twice before trying anything stupid.

The Inside Job

Some may think that it is a bad idea to install cameras inside the house and that may label you as a freak. Girls may avoid coming to your home and everything, but at least you’ll be safe. I am not sure about the bedrooms, but you can have cameras in your hall, living rooms and drawing rooms too.

These cameras work as a tier two security. If by any means avoiding all the exterior cameras and security intruder still gets inside your house, cameras inside your home will catch their close-ups. The evil is not just residing outside in the world, but sometimes it emerges from inside our side.

So, for those people who are living with a roommate Chandler’s Eddy, you should get CCTV cameras inside your home.

And the Windows

Yes, not only ghosts but potential killers and looters also can break in your house from these windows.

When could we have safeguarded our windows more than ever in this century, what we are using now? French windows, a massive wall of glass, instead of a concrete one, easy to break, easy to see through.

For the same reason, installing cameras catching footage from these can come quite handy shortly.

Or you can use a more secure option and get more solid windows made with robust materials.

Cover That Head Too

The real enemy will come from the North, as declared by, our own “I don’t want to be king” Jon Snow/Targaryen.

As the technology has advanced so much these days, with those drones and new lazers the roofs are not safe.

When a possible burglar notices you have cameras all around your home, they might want to enter from above — something like Santa Clause or Harry & Marv from the Home Alone movies.

Similarly, if you have a two-story home, you must also install those video door answering machines. Plus, these hi-tech doors shall provide the close-ups of those thieves if they get to your door.

Fading Out

As much trouble and expensive it may sound, you cannot put a price tag on your peace of mind. And believe me, when you know you are safe, you will sleep like a baby after a sumptuous meal.

Also, the residential locksmith industry is not as mooching as any other of them. If you are a good negotiator, it will not affect your monthly budget too much.

It is a scary word, and governments are busy selling drugs and guns; make sure to take care of your loved ones and yourself.

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