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Solar energy started to develop more than 100 years ago. It was used primarily for the production of steam (to drive machinery).

However, when Edmond Becquerel discovered the “photovoltaic effect”, it allowed the conversion of sunlight solar electric energy. In 1893, Charles Fritts invented the first solar cell. This was the beginning of what we today know as the solar panel.

The ideal location for solar panels

We can put solar panels anywhere we want. They can work successfully facing almost any direction, but mostly you will hear people saying that the best direction to face solar panels is south (to get the most sunlight throughout the day).

Most of the solar array systems are roof-mounted or installed directly onto the structure itself. In this case, a panel system is secured to the structure of the roof. They are all weather-sealed in order to prevent water damage. We can say it’s the most common installation as it absolutely fits in with the house.

They can also be ground-mounted. Being easy to install makes it ideal and people prefer this option when there are concerns about roof square-footage. Those having room on their property for a ground mount should know that they are very simple to design and install.

Orientation and Inclination

There is a specific angle according to the location that benefits solar power production. There are two main preferences when selecting the azimuth angle of the solar panels in general.

If the place is located in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, our solar panel should face the South. Southern Hemisphere of the planet must face North if you want the maximum energy performance.

If the roof faces South, South-East or South-West, then it’s a good spot for a solar panel. If the available space on the roof only faces North, you should find another spot.

The benefits of using solar energy

The main one is that it has the least negative impact on the environment. You also save a lot of energy, so you are happier when your bill comes. In addition, it’s applicable anywhere, which is useful for remote regions having no access to any other source of electricity. Moreover, less electricity is lost during long-distance transport and it also improves grid security.

solar energy

Best solar panel options

First of all, we want to find a good balance between quality and cost, and when we say quality, several things are implied: decent efficiency, reputable company, a competitive price, and a good warranty. You should know that a lot of nice words have been said about Trina Solar Panels. People claim they are durable and the quality is high, the best part being the fact that the price is totally affordable.

If you want a solar panel that’s environmentally friendly, you can go for a Sunpower Solar Panel. They can boast about using materials sourced in a manner that is safe for the environment and people. In addition, they build them with a solid copper back, so the electrical connections can withstand years of extreme weather without any damage.

Some honorable mentions should be Canadian Solar Panels, which are the best for inclement weather, then we have Panasonic Solar Panels – best premium solar panel and not to forget Mission Solar Panels, being the best US-made solar panel.

You might want to get a quality 5kw solar system for you and your family. In this case, you should be careful because a lot of solar systems you see advertised online today are very cheap and they use no-name panels, so we can hear stories of people left high and dry by installers. It’s better to invest in it and be satisfied with the service.

Solar Panels

It is great for rural areas

Solar panels can be included within fields and pastures, giving us more acres of profitability. In fact, it’s a very smart investment that will pay off for itself, because electricity prices continue to increase at an average of 4% each year.

To know which kind of solar panels are the best for your home or farm, a solar specialist can complete a complimentary evaluation and see where a solar array would fit onto the property the most. They will draft a proposal and include initial system design, as well as green energy rebates and tax credit amounts.

Maintaining and taking care of your solar panel system

If you want your solar panel system to last long, take care of several things because you won’t really need to do that much. Start with watching for dirt and debris build-up, then look out for rack and roof penetrations.

You also want to check everything after severe weather events and monitor the system often. These things shouldn’t be difficult at all, but they are very significant for your panel to last long and function properly.

Final thoughts

Having a solar panel can make our life easier and an increasing number of people are going for it. Before obtaining yours, these are the things that will be useful for you to know.

You must be certain about the ideal location, inclination, and orientation and it doesn’t hurt knowing the best choices you have.

Lastly, don’t get one if you haven’t read about how to maintain it and take care of it. Hopefully, you will find exactly what you are looking for!

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