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We rarely look above and admire the structure supporting our home, the roof. It protects us from the hot, cold, rain, wind, hailstorm and snow. These sacrifices leave marks on it in the form of deterioration and damage.

Roofs often serve us for years long and give us clear indications before completely retiring off. Water leaks are the most prevalent indicators of damage. Other than that, regular inspections and repairs improve the longevity of any roofing structure.

Ultimately there comes a time when only professionals can fix the roof and then it needs replacement. It is recommended to hire trusted professionals providing Roof installation & repair.

This guide will take you through the complete journey of roof installation to maintenance and choosing the right roof contractors.

According to Tom Bollnow of National Association of Contractors Association (NRCA), the senior director of technical services, “It’s really an opportunity to upgrade your home in terms of look, style, and color.”

Choosing The Right Roofing Material

Either you are building a new home or replacing an old roof, the most important decision you can take is about the choice of roofing material.

You should always do a proper investigation about the available materials, their cost, weight, durability, appearance, longevity, resilience, and associated structural issues. The next step is to understand the climate conditions of your area and find a suitable material for that area.

Following is a list of 6 common roofing materials along with their pros and cons.

1. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles have been the choice of homeowners for decades. The asphalt composite shingles are made up of fiberglass base topped up with mineral granules and asphalt. They have a lifespan of 20-30 years.

They are flexible as per the temperature changes and thus provide flexibility. The average cost of asphalt roofing is $1.50- $3.50. Shingles can crack or curl easily if not maintained properly.

2. Standing Seam Metal Roof

Metal Roof

Homes built in areas with heavy snowfall need more durable roofs. The metal roofing system is gaining immense popularity due to its durability and resilience. Aluminum and steel are the most used metals.

The standing seam metal roof is made by interlocking metal panels in the form of raised seams. A metal roof can last up to 75 years. The average cost is $6 – $12 per sq. ft.

3. Metal Shingles Roofing

Metal Shingles

Metal is also used in roofing systems in the form of metal shingles. Stamped metal is the base and it is finished with a high-quality coating to give the appealing look.

They can be fabricated to look like any other roofing material along with the durability and resilience of metal. They can last up to 50 years and cost up to $7-9$ per square.

4. Clay Tile

Clay Tile

Homeowners residing in hot and humid climates prefer clay tiles. They are known to reflect back the heat and aid in the thermal comfort within the home. The orange tint is much loved and is a common sight in coastal areas. It can last up to a lifetime.

This longevity of clay tiles is the trait which makes its heavy cost quite acceptable for many users. This roofing system is least likely the reason for a call to the professionals providing emergency roof repair in Vinings GA.

5. Membrane Roofing System

Membrane Roofing System

Flat roofs are made much more exotic and durable using membranes. This roofing system allows you to choose among various synthetic materials. Most of the professionals are able to provide dependable services of flat roof repair in Vinings GA.

The membrane is made up of neoprene, polyvinyl chloride, polymer modified bitumen, and chlorinated polyethylene.

The most popular and dependable membrane roofing systems are made up of EPDM, commonly known as rubber roofing. It is installed in the form of large sheets. The average lifespan is 25-30 years and the expense is $3-$4 per square foot.

6. Built-Up Roofing

Image result for house with Built Up Roofing

Let us discuss the oldest roofing system. BUR system has layers of felt impregnated with asphalt. The two to four layers thick felt is reinforced by applying finely crushed stone over hot tar. It lasts for nearly 30 years and the average cost is $3-$5 per square foot.

Consider The Curb Appeal And Safety Together

The next big decision is to choose the right design for your home. One crucial thing to remember while choosing the roof design is that it greatly affects the durability of the roof.

Other than the impact on the curb appeal of a home it is going to affect the longevity of the roofing system. The most popular roofing designs are as follows.

1. Flat Roofs

It was frequently used in mid-century homes and is still the iconic modern roofing system. As it is flat and has the least possible number of ridges, it provides maximum protection.

2. Gable And Valley Roof

This design is chosen by the homeowners residing in snowy areas. It lets the snowfall off and reduces the stress on the building. It has two sloping sides forming a ridge with to triangular extensions.

3. Hip Roof

Hipped roof has inward sloping ends on the roof. It resembles a pyramid as it has four sides meeting a single hip joint. A lot of variations are available in these three basic designs.

Roof Maintenance Rules

Four basic rules for pro-level roof maintenance are as follows.

1. Thoroughly inspect your roof after every harsh weather condition.

2. Be pro-active in identifying water leaks to avoid mold, mildew, and rot.

3. Give dire attention to the joints, flashings, chimneys, and skylights.

4. Regularly clean the gutters and downspouts.

Seek Professional Help For Roof Installation And Repair

Repairing or installing a roof on one’s own can be quite risky and unsafe. It is suggested by home experts to rely on professionals for repairs and replacements.

Look for experiences and well-reputed roofing contractors in your area. Their expertise and skill can make or break the real estate value of your house.

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