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Whenever we think of installing a new roof for our home, the burning question is what roofing material we should choose for the purpose. Considering the different types and materials, you often feel confused about what will be the best material for residential or commercial roofing needs. Depending upon the specific use, finding the perfect roofing material is not an easy task.

No matter what material you choose, the objective is of getting a safe and secure roof above your heads. Of all the roofing materials used these days, metal roofing and asphalt shingles are considered two best materials.

If you are stuck between these two options for installing your new roof, this article is for you. We have compiled a complete guide describing the differences between these two roofing materials.

Give a detailed read to this metal roof vs asphalt shingle roof guide and help yourself in getting the right roofing system for your home. Your material choice will define how durable is your roof to withstand outside elements.

Metal Roofing vs Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Consisting of metal pieces or tiles, this today is known as the best roofing system both for residential and commercial projects. Having the characteristics of high resistance and low maintenance, it is increasingly becoming the top pick of homeowners.

Asphalt roofing, on the contrary, is a type of roofing system that consists of roof shingles with an asphalt-saturated base. In this guide, we are going to compare both materials for their durability, installation cost, life expectancy and more. Have a look:

Which One is More Durable?

This probably is the first question that needs to be answered when we are looking for a new roof installation. It is the lightweight of metals that makes it highly susceptible to bending. No matter if you choose aluminum or zinc, rest assured that you are going to get a durable roof for your home.

On the other hand, asphalt shingles are less durable. These are heavyweight and this weight is not only dangerous for the infrastructure but it also makes this roof, less prone to uplift.

Which One Is Easy To Install?

When it comes to installation, metal roofing requires the help of the best roofing contractor as it is a kind of roofing where you need proper plywood framing and underlayment of metals. It is not easy to find a skilled metal roofing contractor as only a few professionals know how to install a metal roof flawlessly.

On the other hand, asphalt shingles are easy to install and it is quite easy to find a contractor as well. Even DIY installation is also possible for asphalt shingles.

Which One Has More Aesthetic Appeal?

When you are looking for a roofing material that is not only durable but also increases the aesthetic appeal of your home, metal is indeed the best material to choose from. Metals come in a variety of colors and sizes. Also, to blend in with your building paint and style, you also paint the metal roofing and get what exactly you are looking for.

Asphalt shingle roofing also enhances the curb appeal of your home as these are available in a variety of colors and textures. Because this is the most roofing material used, asphalt shingle roofing also blends well in the neighborhood.

Which One Is More Cost-Effective?

When we are comparing metal roofing and asphalt shingles in terms of their prices, asphalt is comparatively a cheaper material. Where for an average ranch home, the costs are $3000 for metal roofing, for the same roof, asphalt shingle roofing will cost much lower.

Which One Is More Energy Efficient?

By choosing the right roofing material for your home, you can greatly reduce your energy consumption. These roofing materials act as an insulating sheet by keeping your home cooler in the summers and warmer in winters.

If we talk about the energy efficiency of metal roofing, it is extremely efficient roofing material. You will notice a great difference in your energy bills during summers if you choose to install metal roofing in your home.

However, it all depends upon the accurate installation of the roof. When the installation is poor, you cannot get the desired results. On the other hand, when we compare asphalt shingle roofing with the metal roof, they absorb more heat and are less energy efficient.

Final Say!

Both metal and asphalt shingle roofing have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages of metal roofing mostly overweigh the other. Consider investing in metal roofing and expect your roof to last for more than 60 years.


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