The roof above your head is the most important part of your building. It protects you and your home from external elements, and it also provides insulation for your home. That’s why you should prioritize keeping your roof in good condition if you want it to last long without any need for replacement.

For some people, it’s an intimidating process to know how to take care of their roofs. However, you should make sure that your roof has the right level of maintenance and care. But how can you do that if you are not experienced in roof maintenance?

The following are seven roof maintenance tips that you should know.

Inspect the shingles frequently

This is one of the areas you should regularly inspect, especially after high winds or heavy storms. The interesting thing is that you don’t need to climb on your roof to do the inspection. You only need a pair of binoculars to spot whether there is any possible problem. The following are some of the things that you need to look out for when inspecting the shingles:

  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked shingles
  • Curling shingles
  • Missing granules
  • Peeling shingles

Your roof needs immediate attention if you notice any of the signs stated above. Ensure that you hire an expert in roofing as they have the skills necessary to safely and professionally repair your roof.

Check for signs of leaks in your ceiling and attic

This is another area that needs regular maintenance. The best way to do it is to search for signs of water stains and spots inside your building. Always make sure that you check your attic area and ceiling regularly for signs of water damage to prevent any looming serious issues. Some of the most common signs of a leaky roof include:

  • Water stains and spots on your ceiling
  • Moldy doors in some rooms
  • Bulging areas on the interior walls
  • Water spots on your exterior doors

You need to locate the leaking area once you notice any of these signs. If you can’t determine where the leak is, contact a professional roofer to inspect your roof and do the necessary repairs. However, you can also do the repairs—but only if you are comfortable with DIY projects. But, make sure that you have all the necessary safety equipment before climbing to the roof to do the repairs.

Clean your gutters

The gutters in your roof play an important role. First, they protect it from harsh external elements and prevent the possibilities of water damage. Moreover, they collect rainwater and then drain it safely from your roof. Thus, you should never let your gutters go uninspected for a long period of time. If you fail to clean your gutters regularly, you risk serious water damage in your home.

Failure to clean your gutters can damage your home’s basement, foundation, and paint job. Besides, since water will be clogged, it can go upward, and cause damage to your roof. It’s important to note that your roof can absorb the stagnant water, which can in turn cause the roof rafters and sheathing to rot. Therefore, you should clean your gutters, especially during the rainy season if you want to protect your roof from water damage.

Trim all the overhanging branches

The branches overhanging close to your roof pose a serious danger to it. Sadly, most people tend to ignore the danger they pose until something happens. It’s ok to have some greenery around your home to improve the landscaping. However, you should never let trees grow tall close to your house.

Branches can easily scrape or even puncture your roof. Moreover, it’s possible for a branch to fall through the roof during a heavy storm, thus causing significant damage. This does not only damage your house, but it also puts the occupants of your home in harm’s way.

Therefore, you should make sure that you trim the low-hanging branches close to your home. This will go a long way in protecting your home, and also reducing any damages that these branches could cause.

Schedule annual inspections

Also known as preventing maintenance, regular roof inspections by professionals allow the crew to check for the signs of sagging and leaks. Therefore, you should always let a professional roofer come and inspect your roof once or twice every year.

It’s normal for a roof to have weak spots, and these spots can make your roof fail. However, regular inspections by professionals can help in identifying these spots and prevent any further damage, which can be very costly.

The best thing to do in this scenario is to search for a professional roof inspector, who can give you repair estimates when submitting their reports. This will assist you to prepare financially in case you need to repair the roof.

Treat your roof for algae, moss, and lichen every year

Chicago roofing contractors advise homeowners to take the necessary steps to protect their roofs from algae, moss, and lichen growth. Failure to do that risks serious damage to the roof, as well as give it an unattractive appearance. Mostly, this happens during warmer weather and affects the shady parts of your roof.

To take care of these growths, let a professional clean your roof. After your roof is cleaned, allow it to dry, and then apply preventive products to prevent the algae, moss, and lichen from growing again. If possible, make sure that the preventive products that you use contain copper and zinc. Always make sure that you apply these products every year if you want your roof to last longer.

Inspect the insulation

Apart from making your home comfortable for living, insulation plays an important part in protecting your roof. The insulating material is placed all over your home, including the attic, and it’s important for keeping the interior temperatures optimal.

However, you should understand that the insulation does wear down—just as everything else in your home. If the insulation in the attic area wears down, it puts your roof at a higher risk. There is a higher chance of ice dams forming in the opening, as well as moisture seeping into the cracks—and this can make your roof breakdown.

Therefore, you should regularly inspect the insulation in the attic area to see if it’s in good condition. If you notice that you need to install new insulation, do it as soon as possible. Moreover, you should ensure that your attic area is well ventilated. Proper ventilation helps in releasing the excess moisture in the attic area, causing ventilation to deteriorate.

Bottom Line

With these tips, you have all that you need to keep your roof in good condition. Moreover, you should make sure that you hire a reputable and reliable roofing company if you want your roof taken care of professionally. In addition to inspecting your roof professionally, the company will be readily available to your service in case of emergencies.

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