Virtually every renter or homeowner has a few handy tools at their disposal to take care of minor issues in and around their homes. For instance, a handy plunger and a little elbow grease can usually take care of minor plumbing emergencies, such as a toilet that has become clogged with toilet paper or excrement. The same can be said if a renter or homeowner has a slow drain that needs to become unclogged with a little muscle.

Those with a little more advanced know-how can perform slightly more advanced repair work around the home; such as replacing a drain cover or changing out a warn washer. However, for really big issues, only a professional can take care of the problem.

Here, we discuss plumbing issues that will get worse if they are not fixed as soon as possible, as well as plumbing services that can take care of issues that you may not be able to handle yourself.


Dripping Faucet

Try sleeping when your faucet is dripping. The grating sound of water hitting the base of your sink can be unbearable at times. Even worse, a dripping faucet that isn’t fixed will lead to added costs on your water bill. In fact, a single drop every second can lead to hundreds of gallons of lost water per year, so it is a problem that you want to rectify as soon as possible.

Whenever water enters your home pressure is applied to move it through the pipes. When the tap is turned off a washer that is either made with silicon or rubber forms a watertight seal that prevents additional water from making its way through your pipes.

However, time can be a harsh mistress, and those formerly watertight washers will become dislodged, torn, or stiff over time. When this happens a tiny trickle of water will make its way through and cause that annoying drip that keeps you up at night.

Now, you may be able to replace the washer yourself, but you will need some skill as well as highly specialized tools to get the job done right. In some cases, the damage may be so extensive that the valve seat may have become corroded or worn. If this happens then the repair work will be far more complicated and will likely require the skill of a skilled plumber.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is another plumbing issue that can get worse if not fixed as soon as possible. If you notice water that merely trickles instead of gushing as it should then you are likely dealing with low water pressure.

Sometimes the cause may have nothing to do with your actual pipes but may be a municipal water supply issue. You may also be dealing with a break in your main line, which may cause a marked drop in water pressure. In most cases, however, low water pressure is caused by an accumulation of sediments or deposits on faucet aerators.

The good news is most aerators can be unscrewed from the tips of faucets with relative ease. Simply unscrew them from your kitchen sink and give them a thorough scrub. A simple yet effective way clean your aerator is to let it soak in a container of vinegar overnight.

By doing so, any calcium deposits that have built up over the years in the aerator will dissolve quickly. As for bathroom and shower head aerators, they will be harder to deal with, but you can attach a bag of vinegar to your shower head faucet if you are unable to unscrew it.

If you still have issues with low water pressure then the problem is far more serious. There may be a breach or leak n the pipes that can severely damage the infrastructure of your home.

Hence, if you notice a significant and sudden drop in your water pressure that seems to have no known cause then you will require quality plumbing services in Toronto.

What’s the Worst that can Happen?

Plumbing leaks and other such issues should be resolved as soon as possible for many reasons. For instance, you may have to deal with mold formation if you don’t fix plumbing leaks quickly. Mould can cause serious respiratory issues and even death in the young and elderly if left untreated. Increased water costs are another reason why leaks should be taken care of asap.

A few drops will quickly add up to hundreds of gallons of lost water in less than a year. Contaminated water is yet another issue. If your water becomes contaminated with harmful chemical deposits and other malevolent pathogens then you can become very sick if you drink the tainted water.

Pest intrusions are yet another issue. Rodents, ants, and termites can make their way into your home and cause serious infestation problems. Fixing the leaks may cut off their primary food source and will help you eradicate them quicker.

What are Some Warning Signs?

There are certain red flags that you should look for to identify problems while they are still relatively small. For instance, dark spots in ceilings and walls, and pools of water forming under pipes that have become exposed are telltale signs that something is amiss.

You may also notice certain spots in your yard that are always wet. The sudden death of grass in the yard, as well as excess grass growth, mean that the turf has been poisoned by either water or wastewater leaks or that you have over fertilized your turf.

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