Spiders are among the most feared pest that can be found at home. Spiders are not insects; they belong to a class called ARACHNIDA. Spiders are the most common members of the Arachnid.
The fantastic thing about spiders is they are predators to insects. Therefore, they serve as a biological control to other pests. But they are also as annoying as the other pest they feed on.

Some breeds of spiders are extremely poisonous while others are poisonous. A bite from a brown recluse (genus loxosceles) Australian funnel web spiders or a black widow spider (genus Latrodectus) could send a person with a certain type of allergies to the hospital or even kill them. It’s a good thing these poisonous breeds are not very common.

Methods Of Controlling Spiders:

There are several methods you can use to ward off spiders from your home; however; hiring the best pest control company is one of the best ways to eliminate them from your territory.

1. Physical Control

This control is easy just get a newspaper, a shoe, a book or any other weapon of choice and whack the damn thing off the wall. This method is somewhat debilitating and time-consuming. You begin to act like a person on a witch hunt with a pitchfork and a torch ready to attack. You will probably get obsessed and lose your cool chasing them around like a crazy person. Moreover, you can’t be everywhere.

2. Biological Method

The biological method is another useful method of controlling pest in general. I like to call this method the TOM AND JERRY APPROACH. This method is all about getting a natural enemy of the pest (in this case the spider). This is just like inviting the Joker to come to help you kill the batman, or telling doom’s day or telling Lex Luther to come and help you kill the pesky pests. You will agree with me that they will do it for free. With the same context, we get a pet that hates the spider as much as you hate it. There are two natural enemies

  • Birds: If you love birds as much as I love birds then this is for you
  • Reptiles: If you have an affinity towards reptiles then get a Water Dragon (iguanas).
  • Nonetheless, do not bring a pet to your home that will turn to pest with time.

3. Chemical Control

This method is the most commonly used method. If used correctly there won’t be any physical or health issue. Thanks to scientists for making our lives easier. We won’t have to keep whacking the spiders believe me that is extremely annoying. In this method, the application depends on the level of infestation.

If it is a minor infestation, just go to the best control shop and get a pesticide. Keep to heart that these chemicals kill the pest and also kill humans as well. So be extremely careful how you apply them. But if it is a significant infestation, you will need to disinfect the premises, and I advise you to let the expert do it. Just find the nearest pest control shop and lay your complaint.

4. Hygiene

Most population of spiders are found in dark, undisturbed places and cracks as a retreat in order to construct materials for their webs. Though they may sprout their webs in open areas to capture their preys, with good hygiene, I bet you won’t have a reason to control their infestation.

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