One of the hardcore most jobs after constructing the house itself will have to be cleaning rain gutters.

Well, firstly let’s explain why we are separating ladders from rain gutter cleaning.

Ladders are not as naive as they look and sound, they are quite lethal.

As per the National Safety Council, in the year 2017 alone, as many as 36,338 persons died from falls only (at work or home).

When so many people have already lost their lives by merely falling, shouldn’t we avoid dangerous products like ladders?

So, that we have established that ladders are evil, let’s talk about how one can clean rain gutters without ladders:

Flush It Down!

Yes, the good old flushing it down the drain comes to the play with the very first point; after all, it is an excellent way.

Just do not take it literally; you don’t have to be on the roof, splashing buckets of water, No Sir!

We have other products these days to get this job done.

Search the term gutter cleaner, online, and you will get to know. The basic working of these flushers goes something like this.

You put one end of flusher onto the garden hose and point the other extended end of it on the gutter to clean it out with the help of high power jet stream.

Suck Them Out

If the debris on your roof’s gutter is too stubborn to flush out, then this way can work for you.

Roof gutter vacuum cleaners are readily available in the market.

Yes, the whole idea stays the same, you hover the device over the wastage, and it sucks it down.

This device shall work for you fine if there is no solid material stuck in the gutters. Vacuum devices are for handling the leaves and plants.

However, if your gutter is full of things like shingles, clay tiles, etc. it shall not work.


Good old’ picking and throwing. Nothing matches it. These tongs are bigger and stronger than the usual ones and more extended.

You know how to do it, it is not rocket science.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It is, thus, putting a guard or cover over your roof gutter shall be a better idea. If you don’t want to go through all this, installing a cover or guard above your drain is a must.

Hear me out here for a minute. Covering will help you get rid of the clogging clutter like leaves, broken tiles, and shingles.

The only downfall is that you will not be able to clean it up by yourself afterward. Soil and small particles of clay will choke the gutter soon, and there shall not be an option for you.

Calling the Cleaners

Some companies are dealing with cleaning services and hiring them for cleaning your rain gutter can be safe.

Hiring the cleaners will be safer than doing it all by yourself. Time is money and health is wealth, and you will be saving both whiles hiring cleaners.

Yes, if you are a handyman, then it is okay, go ahead do it yourself.

Nevertheless, if you are someone like, Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men, then please don’t even try.

You can see in the video what happened to Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men.


So, this is almost it. Ladders are handy business, and you should not ditch it altogether. Even if you decide to avoid advice in this blog and go all-in with the ladder, just be careful.

Keeping someone around you is also in the advisory whenever using a ladder. You are good to go; also cleaning the gutters when it is not raining shall also be good too.

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