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There is a lot you can do on your compound depending on your interest and preferences. Some would prefer a swimming pool for recreation, others might opt for a garden for the love of farming while others just install seats and different decorations for a relaxing spot during the day and a bonfire or sky viewing when the sun goes down.

With a lot to do, we’ve got to know what a patio is. From the Spanish origin, a patio refers to an area adjoining a house. Usually, it’s used for a couple of reasons; dining area, family gathering, or entertainment. There’s a lot that you can do with your space, like installing the best gym accessories.

The touch of orange just married with the design!

Orange Pumpkins

Before we can go to the patio designs, it’s only fair we learn the must-haves when it comes to transforming your space into an outstanding spot. The following are steps that you need to follow on how to design patios and transfer your backyard;

● Pinpoint your area to work on

● Take your measurements

● Select the materials to work with

● Note down all your details

● Look for an able builder (or seek professional help if you plan to do it yourself)

● Choose your plants well and create some space for them

● Bring in your designs and make sure to separate relaxation spots

● Keep in mind the shade

● Depending on your design, make sure your favorite spots are reachable (grill, fireplace, pool).

Having all these in mind, pack your bags, and let’s head to the patio layouts ideas.

1. The L/U Shaped Patio

This type of patio design offers a larger space to work with. It extends from different rooms to form a space with a letter L or U and gives the convenience of accessing it from different points of the house. They usually directly connect the house to the outside compound. You can have any outdoor patio design for this kind of layout especially those that provide a good view from both inside the house and from outside.

Even though you are spoilt for choice, you can never go wrong with your pool, a shed and some seats, plants on vases, and an outside dining area or a chill spot shaded my a good quality tree. Consider the space you have before you can settle on anything and also opt for something that won’t be too stuffy to enjoy the evening breeze and also be able to walk around freely.

The cozy sofas and pool just stood out

Tropical Patio

2. Multilevel Patio

Speaking of class, then this layout is the real deal. For this patio layout, the landscape and space that the property occupies are very important considerations. A multilevel patio will best fit a property that is in a sloppy area. For this reason, one can pick out one of the best patio deck design ideas and install it on his property. However, several considerations will be necessary.

Things like the taste of material that you prefer (concrete, wood, or stones), the modern or old-school designs, you can opt for some lighting (for the beauty at night) and the height of the ‘staircases’. Make sure the colors you go with are earthy depending on the landscape of the area your design lays.

You can fit different elements on each level; an outside dining area, relaxation point with sofas, a bonfire spot, hanging and swinging seats at some point. You can also include a couple of vases with plants.

Amazing garden terrace!

Stone Garden Terrace

3. Detached Patio

Also known as a freestanding patio, this layout will fit in almost every single property that has lots of space. We all know that a house can have a lot going on that’s not particularly comfortable for you and all you need is to catch some air outside. Sometimes, that can be impossible if the weather is unfriendly but very suitable if you built yourself a detached patio.

As the name suggests, this type of layout is one that is away from the house and stands individually not attached to the house. If you need an escape spot, an outdoor massage parlor, or a place to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine or any backyard patio design, name it!-as long as it is your favorite spot. Also, include a well-designed path to take you to that spot be it stone tiles or wood floors to give it the classy touch. Include proper lighting for the sake of going out at night.

4. Entry Patio

Beautify the front appearance of your house by opting for this layout. The first impressions matter in almost everything, so you ought to give your house that good captivating appearance. An entry patio focuses more on the front look of your house, bring down that dull lawn and spice it up with several patio terrace design ideas that’ll best fit your model of the building. A classic shed fitted with simple but fancy furniture and a color tone that matches the walls of your house will be enough to pull off a great entry patio.

5. Wraparound Patio

This type of patio wraps around your house – haha, this is a lame explanation. The designs of this kind of layout hug the walls of the house mostly at the back and on the sides. They seem like an extension of the building in place. You can explore this layout with various garden patio design ideas including oxygen-producing plants for them to marry well with the atmosphere around the house.


You need to consider the amount of space that you have before choosing any layout above. If you want to do things from scratch, you can get yourself a patio design tool that will help you out in designing. Consider the stuff to get for your patio interior design as well. What kind of patio layout do you prefer? Why? Leave a comment.

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