marble fireplaces for living rooms

Indeed, no other heating appliance can offer the same kind of comfortable and cozy warmth that a fireplace can offer. Modern Bellfires fireplaces aren’t just energy and heat efficient, but these fireplaces come in a variety of unique and distinctive designs and style.

Now, you don’t even need to have an old and traditional chimney exhaustion system in order to set up a fireplace in your home! Instead, you can install a balanced flue fireplace that makes the exhaust escape through a flue, isn’t it great?

Now, let’s talk about different types of balanced flue fireplaces that are available. Indeed, it’s seen that most modern homeowners prefer marble fireplaces over other materials like steel, wood, concrete, stone, brick, or tile. Why? Let’s find out! (21).jpg

Natural marble’stimeless beauty:

Marble is a natural stone that is popular for its lovely white natural color. For many years, fireplace manufactures like Bellfires have been using marble as a material to manufacture white colored fireplaces that are highly efficient as well as highly appealing. Also, many buyers prefer buying a white marble fireplace in order to create a romantic and unique living room experience!

Both heat and water resistant property:

Marble is actually a very hard and dense stone. First of all, it can handle extremely high fire flames without any intense damage.  So regardless of what type of fire flame you need, you can choose a marble fireplace that will always stay cool.  Marble fireplace’s heat and water resistant property make it a perfect fit for your living room!

Durability: Perfect to last for years after years

Indeed, marble stone is a bit costlier than other fireplace manufacturing materials like concrete, steel, brick, wood, etc.  But, if you are buying one of the marble made balanced flue gas fires for your modern home, then you can consider it as a worthy and long-lasting investment rather than just a worthless investment.

Why? Cause, marble is an exceptionally durable and strong material that can stay exactly the same for years after years. For this reason, marble is used not just to make fireplaces, but to make ancient monuments like Taj Mahal.

marble fireplaces for living rooms

Visually stunning and appealing mantels:

Marble fireplaces look rich, luxurious, and stylish. Marble’s pure white color looks strikingly beautiful and a marble fire mantel gives your living room a sophisticated yet appealing visual effect.

It also represents your rich sense of style. It brings both beauty and warmth together in your living room. Installing a marble fire mantel in your living room immediately brings up an elegant appearance along with a feeling of extreme comfort and coziness.

A great variety of classy and trendy design options:

Marble made balanced flue fireplaces are always in demand due to their quality, versatility, and diversity. This natural stone is rich in beauty and comes in an appealing range of colors like gold, black and white.

From traditionally styled fire mantels to modern designs, marble fireplaces come in a great variety of styling options to bring a timeless effect in your living room.

You can pick any of the majestic looking marble fireplaces that are available in a comprehensive price range in order to match up your budget. From Roman to French styles, choose and buy a perfect style that best fits your individual preferences.

Do custom fabrication: Add up a personal touch

Indeed, custom fabricated fireplaces always look lavish, elegant, and ornate. Hence, you can add up a personal effect in the marble fireplace by doing custom fabrication. As per your unique demand, the manufacturer with cut, design, and finish the fireplace surface.

Whether you want to add two side columns in the fireplace or you just want to add a marble mantle above, your fireplace will carry the best custom fabrication work that you wish to have.

marble fireplaces for living rooms

Easy to clean as well as easy to maintain:

If you think that white marble fireplaces aren’t easy to maintain, then you are wrong. Marble is water resistant as well as stain resistant. So, your marble fireplace won’t get any stain on it!

So, whenever any drink or food will be spilled over it, you can easily clean it up on your own. Also, you can maintain it by cleaning it on a regular basis with a slightly wet washcloth. In this way, you can keep it clean while keeping it dust-free as well stain-free.

To sum up, marble made balanced flue gas fires are ideal for modern homes with no chimneys. If you want to renovate your living room, then take a look at the available stunning looking marble fire mantels that come in so many different styles and designs.

Also, you can do custom fabrication if you want. Ultimately, make a one-time investment and transform the entire looks of your living room with a perfect marble fireplace!


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