Few things are more pleasurable in life than sinking into a comfy chair with your favorite book. While most book lovers adore libraries and old bookshops, reading is even more enjoyable in the comfort of your own home. So, why not bring the library to you?

These tips and ideas on how to create a stylish library in the living room in your home are just what every bookworm needs!

1. Wall of Books

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Anyone who loves to read will be familiar with that feeling of books piling up! From piles of books on the bedside table to stacks against the walls, refurbishing your living room to create a personal library is a chance to reassess your book storage needs.

If you have space, dedicating a whole wall to bookshelves can make your library in the living room feel as though you live in the bookshop of your dreams. Enhance your home library design by adding a ladder, or even a staircase and viewing platform, so you can store books from floor to ceiling in your living space.

2. Window Seat Reading Nook

Capture the sunlight by installing a comfy window seat in your library in the living room design. Position bookshelves on either side of your window so that your favorites are always in reach and line the seat with soft cushions so that you’re happy to perch there all day. You’ll love reading in this cozy sun trap, which allows you to make the most of natural light. Draw the curtains on the real world and escape into your imagination.

3. Floating Shelves


Looking for modern library design ideas? Why not invest in floating shelves or bookshelves with a chic geometric design. Metal floating shelves are ideal home library accessories and give an urban, industrial feel to your living space.

Your books may be old and well-loved, but who says your library room furniture needs to look old fashioned? Use empty spaces in your shelving units to display vases or modern sculpture for a truly unique modern library design.


4. Playroom and Library for Kids


If you’re designing a library in the living room, why not make it a room that all the family can enjoy? Get experimental with library shelving ideas and consider investing in storage cabinets that can hold books as well as toys, games, and baby things.

Choose cabinets that are low and chunky for a modern library feel. This will allow your kids to reach their favorite activities from a variety of shelves. Furnish your library in the living room with beanbags, thick rugs, and plush cushions for an inviting, playroom feel that your kids will relish.


5. Classic Study

If your tastes run along more classic or traditional lines, we have some ideas on how to achieve a vintage library in the living room. Select mahogany or dark wood shelves and paneling to line the walls and to give your library in the living room a classic, statement look.

Leather library room furniture adds a stylish twist, while home library accessories like an antique drinks stand can add a touch of personal flair. Glass fronted display cases also make great library shelving ideas to help you show off your collection.

6. Staircase Bookshelves

Short on space but want to create a reading nook? Save space and make the most of what you have by adding bookshelves to the side of your staircase. Tuck your favorite armchair in beside your stairs and you’ll feel like you’re in your own private library.

Alternatively, you could build bookshelves into the wall that runs alongside your stairs. This is a handy way to utilize space and adds an aesthetic and functional touch to an otherwise blank wall.


7. Home Library with Fireplace

During the cold winter months, what could be more satisfying than lounging by the fire with a novel? If you’re lucky enough to have a living room with a functioning heart, why not make this the center of your library in a living room design?

Run bookshelves along the walls on either side of your fireplace and center the room with a large sofa or deep armchairs. Guests will immediately be drawn to your home library with a fireplace and you’ll create a comfortable space where you’re happy spending time all year round.

8. Open Plan Living Space

If your living room is an open plan or a studio, try incorporating bookshelves into your interior design to give a sense of separate rooms and to add flow to your living space. Freestanding bookshelves between your sofa and kitchen can make your reading nook feel more private and enclosed. You can always clear a space on the shelves if you still want to be able to see through to the other side.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these diverse tips on how to create your perfect library in living room design!

Final Call: Are you a book lover who wants to enhance their living space and create a gorgeous library in the living room? Did you find these tips helpful or inspiring? Let us know in the comments section!

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