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Indoor plants are one of the best ways to beautify your home because they are relatively easy to take care of, provide bountiful health benefits and can be incorporated in a variety of indoor decor themes.

But choosing an indoor plant can be very tricky. Making your choice will require that you take into consideration your lifestyle, personal taste, and space.


Our lifestyle is the first factor that should dictate what the choice of our plants would be. We should first take into thought the pace at which we move through the day and the speed of our lives, our priorities, families, and pets.

A person who works primarily from home may have a lot of time to pay careful attention to an indoor plant and may choose a certain type of plant which could need frequent personal attention, like the sensitive Calathes.

But an individual who travels frequently for work or doesn’t generally spend a lot of time at home would be better off choosing a plant which is more “drought-resistant” and a low maintenance plant variety- like the mass- favorite pothos or dracaenas.


Another factor to consider as you make your choice is the amount of light that comes through to your space. Plants need light, and for that reason, this is an important consideration. However, the amount of light a plant needs may differ from others, and some plants may not need any sunlight at all.

Estimating the plant’s need for light may seem like a daunting task, but a simple rule may be to face it to an angle of the window that allows for enough indirect sunlight impacting upon the plant during most part of the day, and less intense light exposure during the night.

Aloe plants are lovers of sunlight and may be exempted from this simple rule but most plants will scorch if placed in direct sunlight.


The weather may also have a direct impact on the state of your plant because it directly affects the room temperature. Summertime and springtime are the best times to have a home plant, but the colder months come with the peculiar situational crisis as the temperature fluctuates due to the central heating being turned off and on, cold drafts, no heating within the room or the sudden drop in temperature at night-time.

While some plants may survive, other species may need more attention during this time, without which they may die off. Therefore, it is important to check how your plants react to changes in weather throughout the year.

Type of Settlement

Although having an indoor plant is not limited by geography, tending to an indoor plant is most gratifying when you live in a city and cannot tend to a larger garden. This is because plants are the core of a clean environment and an indoor plant gives you the opportunity to make your contribution to a cleaner environment.

Your choice will also depend on the reason behind your desire for a plant. That may be to beautify your home or to purify the air, or it may just be that a particular plant makes you happy and fulfilled. Whatever the motivation, having an indoor plant is definitely a good idea and we approve of it a hundred percent be it a succulent on your coffee table or a tall palm tree in your dining room.

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