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Visualize yourself in the middle of a room, with perfectly-dimmed lighting, a comfortable couch, perfect ambiance, well-ventilated space, and a room that says everything about you – that could be your living room.

The term was heard originally in the early 20th century, living room or otherwise known as a ‘lounge room’ has two main purposes; a place for relaxing and socializing. But you know what they say, the only constant thing in the world is change. The trend for living room designs have been changing year by year, and sometimes it’s really hard to tell which is in or which is out. But the question is: Should homeowners (that’s you) follow what’s in style?

Follow whatever floats your boat. Period.

I’ve always believed that decorating your home is one of the best privileges a creative owner has. While interior designers might be calling the shots as to what’s acceptable or not, you are at the helm of how you want your home to look. Especially your living room.

What are the Reasons Why We Use the Living Room?

The living room is one of the areas in the house that is very ‘public’ as compared to the bedroom. But homeowners find real comfort and privacy in their lounge room. And not only that, it has a few other uses:

A Place for Reading

It’s a haven for reading. That’s why a lot of living rooms have bookshelves where paperbacks and magazines are stored because it gives owners easy access. Not the average bookworm? Whether you’re reading a Paulo Coelho novel or proofreading that business contract, the relaxation, and pleasure you get from lounging is entirely similar.

Storing Valuable Items

What do you see when you step inside others’ living rooms? Personal items, right? Well, this area is like a sanctuary of all the great things (including vintage items) that hold dear to your heart. Hmmm..Wedding pictures, family vacation photos, your grandfather’s clock, and so much more!

A Place for Good Conversations

You know what’s extremely bizarre, living under one roof with 5 bedrooms where members go into their rooms for hiding (or maybe just sleeping mostly). But a living room, if decorated properly and invitingly, will urge family members (of all ages) to spend time with each other in a neutral place where they can share the day’s shenanigans.

Holding a Number of Guests

When I say a number, I mean a few. I’m not saying it’s a place to hold a real blowout! (Sometimes the patio comes in handy for this) Well, if you’re lucky enough and have a massive living room area, this is quite achievable. But the beauty of this area is it’s a great place to hold intimate (but epic) parties in.

So these are just a few reasons why home décor is so important in each particular area in the house. Bad interior designs are an eyesore for some with a keen attention to detail and beauty. But even interior designers all around the world have summed up a general rule on how NOT to decorate your living room. Here are the 4 big mistakes you can throw out the window.

1. Putting the TV in the Center

Living room

I don’t mean in the center of the room like the exact coordinates! What I’m talking about is when you put the TV as the center of attention, the endless effort you spend on decorating the other areas will go unnoticed.

Don’t design your furniture around the TV. Create a separate space for ‘TV watching’ so others who want to talk and socialize won’t get distracted. Another idea you can do is let the TV camouflage with the wall and its decorations. (Don’t paint your TV white if your wall is white!) You can hang your TV or let it float over a stand so it will be less visible. When it’s less visible, it means people will pay more attention to the rest of the room.

2. Put an Appropriate Number of Chairs and Tables


While this might sound unnecessary especially if you’re a small family of 5, you’ll never know if you’ll rise to the occasion (pun intended) and host an amazing party!

Pouf furniture or ottomans are really versatile furniture that can be used for sitting and for placing loose items (like your guest’s drink; just hope they won’t spill it on your carpet). Try to incorporate some colors and textures on it too; leather and velvet don’t only look elegant but they’re also extremely nice to touch.

3. Always Personalize the Design

living room

Have you seen a ‘showroom living room’? It’s a setup where it looks like it’s designed entirely the same with the appliance store’s showroom! I’m sure your guests don’t want that, neither do you. An impersonal lounge room with bland colors and zero picture frames always throws me off. I sometimes ask myself: Am I in a hotel lobby? Or in a hospital lounge?

Throw the most personalized accents and accessories you can think of out there, plants, vases, lamps, cushions, anything that reverberates your personality. You can also put a nook in a corner where you can showcase every memorable moment as a family, the first camping trip, wedding photos, graduation photos, funny candid photos, or put the first captured heartache. It’s also a great way to start conversations during parties.

4. Using Rugs Inappropriately

living room

Rugs are an important aspect in every room. But in a living room where everyone can appreciate (or criticize) your designing prowess, make sure you use these rugs properly. One example is when your rug is too small. This small mistake can make your room look unsymmetrical.

There is no rule of thumb on how to choose the best size rug but the only thing you should take note of is; when the rug is sitting in the center of the room, always make sure that the furniture legs fit inside its boundaries.

Next is, release your playful side and don’t be afraid to mix rug patterns. And lastly, no one wants to sprawl on a dirty rug (if this is something you do once in a while), so see to it that it gets cleaned regularly.

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