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It may be the shortage of storage space in your kitchen, the improper space for installing new appliances, the old style of the kitchen or any other reason you may need to remodel your kitchen for.

However, no matter what the reason is, the decision of kitchen renovation cannot be made out of sudden. It is after a thorough consideration of all the possibilities that a homeowner makes final decisions for giving a new look to his/her kitchen.

Even after you make your mind to remodel the kitchen, there are a number of other decisions you need to make. The design of the new kitchen, the areas of focus, the available space, the cabinets, floor, paint, etc. all need to be chosen carefully.

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that a completely remodeled kitchen is a project worth the efforts, time and money. You can avoid being overwhelmed by understanding the steps of the process before actually starting the project.

This write-up is about the same; here we have mentioned the step by step guide to remodeling your kitchen the way you want.

Enlist your requirement while determining the must-haves and nice-to-have

The foremost step in the kitchen renovation project knows your requirements and desires. Once you have a list in your hands, you can narrow down the options according to your budget.

Most probably, you will feel your mind being hit with the unlimited kitchen remodeling options. But you cannot consider and work on all of them unless you have a limitless budget.

Here you can narrow down the list by marking the options as “must haves” and “nice to have”.

Some questions that will let you narrow down the list are:

– Do you want to change the layout?

– What you need the most?

– Do you want the updates to add value to your house?

– What are the most important updates?

Decide on Your Budget

No matter what changes you want in your kitchen, it is necessary to set a realistic budget in order to keep the expenses in limit and avoid last minute surprises for the expenses.

Though more accurate budget needs efforts and a few considerations, you can have a rough estimate which usually is 5-15% of the total value of your house.

The job of deciding the budget does not end here. Once you pick an overall budget, it’s the time to divide that budget according to the areas of focus.

For instance, you can decide the amount you would spend on cabinetry, countertops, lighting, flooring, paint, storage and more. Such a partition will help you keep your costs in the budget.

Know Your Options

So, you have listed your requirements and decided on the budget. Now, it is the time to know your options for the materials and more.

Visit the hardware store to have an idea of the available options and their costs. In the case you want to cut costs, you can look for the similar options which would cost you less.

Hire the Professionals

No matter how clear you are of your requirements and how realistic your ideas are, you should always hire the professionals for your kitchen renovation project. Not only they will handle the entire renovation project but they will also provide you with ideas to realize your vision for the particular kitchen layout.

There are a number of jobs related to kitchen renovations which are risky for you and should always be left to the professionals. These include removing the cabinetry, installing the electrical appliances, plumbing, knocking down the walls and more.

So, rather than trying the job yourself and putting your life at risk, you should prefer hiring professionals for remodeling your kitchen.

  • Hiring a designer

A kitchen designer will not do the actual renovation; instead, he will choose the design, layout and the materials. He will also recommend you the places you can buy the materials from.

  • Hiring a contractor

A contractor is the main person who will source and provide the required materials, mark out the timeline for each task of the project and hire the subcontractors to complete the particular jobs. A contractor also helps you in choosing the best deals on materials and save money in the long run.

Both, the designer and the contractor, play the main role in ensuring that your project runs smoothly and get completed on time. So, you need to be careful while hiring them.

– Make sure they are licensed and insured.

– Check their previous work.

– Request them to visit your house and provide a quote.

– Ask them about the payment options.

– Make sure they understand your requirements.

Make Preparations

So, once you have completed your homework and hired the professionals for your kitchen renovation project, it is the time to prepare for the day. Remove all the items from your kitchen and store them at a safe place.

You can also set up a temporary kitchen in a separate area of your house that will help you prep meals during the renovation period. Depending on the size of the project, it may take anywhere between 1-5 months for completing the kitchen remodeling project.

Check the Final Design

Though the designers and contractors work as instructed, only a few remodels go perfectly smooth. Means, there may be some minor changes in the project that you would want to be made.

So, check the final design, review the updates, go through the finishes and inform your contractor about the changes you want. The renovation project is complete once those changes are made.

No matter how difficult the kitchen remodeling job is, you always deserve the remodel design that fits your lifestyle. So, along with following all the above-mentioned tips, you should also check the work done on daily basis to make sure that the kitchen renovation is being done as per your recommendations.

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