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In Kitchen room we can use several colours and prints of tiles which enhance our kitchen to look more beautiful. Kitchen tile colour selection is important because it is known as the heart of home so it must have attractive and fine looking tiles. Glossy tiles suit the kitchen wall but do not work with flooring. Flooring tile must be safe and glossy tiles are unsafe for kitchen floor.

Well, tiles play a major role is in the kitchen, choosing the right tiles for your kitchen room create the good impression. To give the finest look to your kitchen you have many options like trying ceramic tile colours for kitchen, latest tiles design for kitchen, new design tiles for kitchen and etc.

Some often like colourful tiles on their kitchen wall. Want to make your kitchen look more beautiful and pleasant; enjoy your cooking time in the kitchen by choosing the best kitchen tiles design matching with the design of your interior unit.

If your kitchen looks boring or you do not like cooking in your kitchen or staying in it for much time then you must change your tiles and try some new kitchen tiles design. Here we tried to embellish some best tips to choose the right tiles for the kitchen floor and wall.

Determine the space and place where tile to be installed

Before selecting tiles for your kitchen you must know all surfaces and at how much space is there where tiles to be installed. Tile can be placed at many places like wall, floor, backsplash behind the stove, upper cabinets, counter top etc.

Determine your budgets before selecting tiles for Kitchen

Check your estimate before buying the tiles. Tiles are available in many prices in market depending on their designs and quality. Few tiles are too expensive in the market such as custom designed ceramic tiles. These tiles may be expensive but gives the royal and finest touch to your kitchen. There are others New design of kitchen tiles also available at low prize having good quality.

Choose right match of tile for flooring

Choosing right colour for the kitchen floor tiles is important because it must create a suitable match with the kitchen furniture and wall tiles. Floor tiles must be durable, hard and strong enough which can handle the heavy substances, pets, spilled foods and cleaning supplies.

Choose a good quality floor tile and ensure when you are purchasing floor tile then it must be flooring Tile not any other one. In case if you chose COF that is coefficient of friction which is wall tile used as floor tile, these tiles are low which can become slippery and is unsafe for walking.

To give elegant look to your floor you can choose Quarry tiles or choose tile that has slight raised pattern or texture which is safe for walking in your kitchen floor. Quarry tiles are little expensive than the ceramic tiles but they look gorgeous in kitchen.

To give natural look you can use clay and limestone based tiles. Colour such as cream, beige, brown of floor tile will contribute to create a warmth impression else you can check latest kitchen tiles colour and design.

Most Important feature while browsing for floor tiles are:

  • Measure the ability of material if it could bear the foot traffic as well as the scratches.
  • If the material is durable and can handle moderate to heavy weight then it can be installed on the kitchen floor.
  • Non-vitreous tile that has water absorption more than 7 percent are not recommended for floor, Impervious tile having water absorption 0.5 percent or less are recommended for kitchen floor.

For Walls

As kitchen is the moisture prone area, tile having higher than average hardness and moisture resistance will be needed for kitchen walls.

The red colour tile or auburn or orange palette against the wall will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen. Glossy tiles are also suitable for the kitchen walls.

Utilizing Blue and Green glass mosaics or wall tiles against the wall will influence the space to feel cool. As prominent and handy impartial hues seem to be, brilliant and striking colours additionally have their place and can be utilized to awesome impact.

In the event that you are anxious about utilizing colours, yet need to create an impression, keep it basic and use vivid splash backs, accent walls, borders, outskirts and insets. Crystal stone and glass dab decorated tiles can likewise make a rich, advanced look.

“At last, simply make sure to think long-term while choosing tile”.

kitchen tiles color and design

For Countertops

The longevity of tile for countertops is required. Ceramic tile durable and easily hold up high heat of hot pans, is also easy to clean and maintain the surface. Ceramic tile colours for kitchen are also available in market of god quality which do not cracks or chip and look like ceramic tile. Else you can choose according to your colour of choice and budget.

Advantages of ceramic tiles: They are durable, easy to maintain and clean, you can easily wipe up the dirt without the fear of damaging the material, it has hard and solid surface, small dust particles are easily recognizable which you can clean easily.

Select the Tile Colour and Design Wisely.

Check the hardness of the tile.

Go for texture and pattern while choosing floor tile.

Check the porosity of tile; never buy the Non-Vitreous tile for kitchen floor. Impervious (Extreme density) 0.5% or less water absorption rate are best for kitchen.

Choose color wisely- it is important to make the right decision while choosing the tiles colour for your kitchen or for even for other place.

  • The light colour tiles open the spaces and make the place look bigger.
  • Trending colour in current are warm grey, cream and off-white Brushed bond, sandstone, porcelain and white marble are likewise at present extremely in vogue.
  • Grey has been a consistent component in the course of recent years and concrete looking inkjet tiles give a strong, solid option to ground surface.
  • Wood-look tiles are immaculate shading and outline choice for the kitchen as they copy the regular excellence of wood and mimic decking.


Kitchen is major part of the house so it should have good design and colour of tiles. Good choice of tiles makes the perfect kitchen and result in giving good impression. Latest tiles design for kitchen gives your kitchen the finest look.

This article will help you to examine what tile colour to choose accordingly for your kitchen by considering the other kitchen units and surrounding colures. If this article helped you then show your love in comment session else you can also share your thoughts and experience with us.

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