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If your kitchen is giving you a feeling of run-down or outdated, then it’s time to look into a major kitchen renovation. It can be an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t have any idea about the improvement. Here is a simple guide for how to renovate the best kitchen within your budget.

Stage 1: Smart Planning

Anyone who wishes to renovate their kitchen knows the importance of planning well and in advance. With smart planning, there will be fewer surprises and delays.

When planning is going on, you can consider two things – How many people use the kitchen and things you need in the kitchen. It might sound obvious, but these two things are common to get great and fresh ideas for your new kitchen, that too within budget. That’s why planning about what is essential and what is not, matters a lot.

You can create a budget planning worksheet or download it from Google. It allows you to keep track record of the process. Once you note down the styles, surfaces, products, colors, and features you like on this worksheet, it would be easy to start and allocate your budget.

Stage 2: Setting up a budget

Before setting your budget for renovation, it is essential to know how much kitchen renovation costs. Knowing the cost will not only help you in selecting your design, style, appliances, and finishes but also help your kitchen designer inefficient planning. It will give them some idea about your budget and they will tell you about the best scope of work, type of finishes and other selection within your budget.

Stage 3: Consider the layout

In the whole renovation process, kitchen layout is the most crucial part. Things like space, proportion, and function, all need to be factored into the mix. Also, think about the golden rule of space- there should be enough gap between, cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. But not to worry about it as there are genuine and tried layouts you can work for your renovation. Below are the layouts according to the golden rule.

  • U-shaped: Kitchens with ample space are suitable for this type of layout. It provides excellent storage space. It is also a great way to gain ample bench space.
  • Gallery: People love this layout because it allows openness to all work areas.
  • L-shape: Itis considered when anyone is planning for an open kitchen space. The most important fact about this layout is it allows excellent ease of movement around the kitchen.
  • Straight-line: It is suitable when anyone wants to fit everything in a tight or narrow space. When you are planning a budget-friendly renovation, consider this layout.

Stage 4: Measure kitchen space

These are the vital measurements you will need to create a plan.

  • Measure the height of the room from flooring to ceiling
  • Measure the wall to wall width and length of the room
  • Measure the length of the door to all walls
  • Measure the distance between window and ceiling
  • The location of all existing services, lights, and switches

Stage 5: Fixtures and finishes

Till now, you might have planned your budget and all other things. You’re now ready to take the plunge into the exciting phase of your kitchen renovation project. In this stage, you can update your kitchen with affordable makeover ideas. For example, replace the pendant lights, paint your kitchen, or add some open shelves to give your kitchen a fresh new look within the budget.

Add personality with pendants:
To change your dull pendant light, paint them with metallic paint. It will add sparkle to the kitchen.You can add a small cluster of pendant lights over your dining table or kitchen island and a small pendant light over a sink or desk.

Add a kitchen island:
A kitchen island adds functionality to a compact kitchen space. Thus, you can convert your old dresser or table and add a countertop, cup hook, and new hardware. And your new handy freestanding storage is ready.

Add a creative backsplash:
A backsplash will add style and personality to your kitchen. You can try it with some paint, wainscoting, tile, or framed photos or prints. Even you can add backsplash behind your sink or above the range to avoid water splashing and food splatters.

Update your countertops:
You can replace your countertop with low-cost alternatives such as granite, soapstone, or marble. It comes in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Also, these materials are easy to clean and require less maintenance.

Makeover with painting:
Add a new coat of paint to your furniture and kitchen walls. You can use a satin or semigloss latex paint.

Replace cabinet hardware:
To give your kitchen a new look, add new pullers and handles to your kitchen drawers. If you don’t want to change the hole, you can take the old pullers to the hardware shop and ask for the same size pullers.

Add open shelves:
Open shelving is trendy for the kitchen. You can remove some cabinet doors. It will increase the sense of space and will give you an impression of the room that has a greater depth.

Add wine cellar:
Instead of hanging frames, you can add X-shelves for your wine storage. If you love drinking your favorite wine while eating then add X-shelves near your dining counter, as wine cellar designs for wining and dining area in the trend now.

Organize your kitchen storage:
Keep your kitchen well-organized with the smart kitchen storage ideas. Add some tins, baskets, and plastic bins that grab the attention and give a unified look.

Refresh flooring:
The most affordable flooring is Laminate and you can install it on your own. Just rearrange or shift the appliances and furniture to change the flooring. You can also change your flooring to wood or Vinyl.

Upgrade cabinet doors:
Give your final kitchen touch by upgrading the cabinet’s door. If you’ve panel doors for your cabinets, you can remove it and replace it with stained glass, reeded, etched or textured doors. You can also use the stencil to give a new look to the cabinet doors.


Renovating your kitchen can be the most rewarding home improvement project. It might be grueling, but with the stages mentioned above, you can quickly renew your kitchen. This guide is full of the information you need for your renovation work. Save it or print it, so that you have what you need before your renovation project.

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