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Vinyl siding has replaced wood siding over the years. The Style of wood siding in modern home decor is tarnished and so people are leaning towards it. The vinyl siding is cheap and budget sensitive. The vinyl siding looks like wood siding with the only difference of it mimics its texture but not its inner core. Not only, it presents an intimate list of trendy decor ideas and qualities, it’s also cheap.

Nowadays, interior designers opt for this material because of its good availability of fashion and pattern. Using a combination of stripes and solids, and subtle floral on vinyl siding are quite easy, creative, and playful. The durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency have impressed the customers.

The homeowners are buzzing around vinyl siding because they closely resemble wood and have enough standard to make it look classy. It offers all the benefits and closure to all the disadvantages of using wood siding. Available in variable styles and engineered to imitate a natural look.

Each of the style quoted comes in the market in different dimensions, textures, thickness, and customary price being too wide based for every type of customers. You can go through the guide, review the product and choose style accordingly to woo your taste. The subtle styles of vinyl siding are outlined here.

Here’s presenting before you types of vinyl siding and its guide review.

1. Horizontal lap /Clapboard siding

  • Traditional lap
  • Dutch lap Beaded lap log lap

2. Vertical

  • Ard and Batten

3. Shingles and shake

  • Half round scalloped shakes
  • Cedar Shakes
  • Insulated siding

1. Horizontal Vinyl Siding

horizontal vinyl siding

  • Traditional lap

It uses long board planks overlapped offering a wedge look profile to your home. The style has good going advantages such as watershed defence percolation of rainwater to the home interior. It is available at all cheap and best quality. This is most usual and frequently used style.

  • Dutch Lap

It encounters a staircase profile look to your home decor giving a much steeper angular appearance. It Duplicates bent and hand carved panel wood. The art is scripted on the wood planks very beautifully. The appearance is deep sharply cut and has bevelled edge to create a shadow line effect. Double 4 inch, double 5 inches is the most popular styles.

Offers a very premium, clean and smooth carve to the wooden plane. It normally used in the urban community. It takes much time to put together this and is desired most importantly by wealthier families.

  • Beaded Look

Outwardly carven and designed to create the illusion of a notch and shadow line. The individual boards are wider and trigger all natural glimpses and thus gives the signature of homeowner’s wealth. It appears more like pearl beads.

  • Log Siding

It stimulates the desired look rustically. It makes up for the real wood beauty. It treats your home very classically because it is made up of authentic wood like pine and cedar. It cools your home, resists mold and insects, direct sun and endures the weather conditions forever.

The logs style plans urban and suburban look to your home decor. It mimics a sliding appearance to the exteriors. It can be installed under a great budget. It gives the illusion of such logs overlapped one above the other.

2. Vertical Vinyl Siding

vertical vinyl siding

It’s normally observed in obscure or farmhouse like places but now it’s flowing out to city home ideas. It furnishes, gives much more stripes and conserves a smoother surface and takes much time too. The vertical log planks are arranged vertically and are a bit tedious than the horizontal laying of vinyl siding.

  • Board and Batten

Smooth and much flatter piece of wood which stimulates many secure ideas to home decor treatments. It appears like some wide and long vertical boards which also help in concealing the seams. It looks broader and smooth in all simplicity.

  • Shingle and Shake

An eternal hangover of decor design world, its total glamour pie is at a very cheap price. It offers a well-defined flavour and maintains an aesthetic look, color, texture, of the home exterior.

It gives a much zigzag ascent to hone and suits in red brick painted style. Shakes come in different styles like hand splint, edgy, staggered, giving a multi-layered look and tailored beauty

  • Half round or Scalloped Shakes

It increases the beauty of home exterior by providing half moon shaped patterns in a historic way. The allure of this type of shingles is unique and speaks many eloquent and perky details of a soft and cozy homely wear.

It makes up the home look more ‘embroidery embraced’. The vinyl siding is much like fancy and fairytale customization in home decor.

  • Cedar Shakes

IT offers a much finesse and better maintenance of natural appearance. It doesn’t cost much maintain or demand expresses. The log panel style is simple yet sophisticated and keeps the challenges of weathering at bay.

The applications are much of an artisan look and traditional contrast. It has exterior bear’s shreds of edges on its surfaces. It has many color options and it doesn’t give way to much weathering on its surfaces because of its rough look.

  • Insulated Siding

This siding contains foam and provides much stronger resistance, rigidity, weathering, denting etc. The siding works pretty professionally by giving straight sight lines. It has gained customers for its soundproof quality. The insulation thickness foam comes in wide range. It’s the best type of vinyl siding.

It greatly appreciates the stability and reduces sagging, warping and shifting. It reduces energy consumption too to a very good level. It had the expansion of polystyrene foam.


The vinyl siding has a total of eight types used and is in current trend in modern Mideast which is prone to water conditions more often. So the real wood gets rotten, swallowed and swollen, and degraded after a certain time period. It is much easier and has more benefits.

The vinyl siding takes much popularity after like wood and comes in a great variety, styles and patterns. The budget ranges from cheap to high. You can select as per your choice and taste, which vinyl siding type would be best.

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