Everyone loves to decorate their home with the latest design and trends as it brings good vibes at home. To make your home look perfect and unique, you need to stay up-to-date with the ongoing market trends in the interior design industry.

Designers always bring fresh trends every year such as replacing traditional chandeliers with modern chandeliers and many more. From fabrics to furniture to fixtures and fittings, everything is redesigned and displayed with a unique and refreshing touch of art, creativity, and style.

But the most important step is to choose the right decorating pieces according to the theme and style of your home. Now, let’s discuss the top home trends of this year that you will see everywhere.

1. Artisanal Fixtures

Artisanal Fixtures

As from the past, a few years more and more emphasis is being put on the usage of the natural world, so artisanal fixtures are coming in trend. From local artists to small business to big interior designers, all have noticed this shift of focus from the tech world to the natural world. So, they have come up with artisanal fixtures that give the feel of the natural world.

2. Natural Elements

Our world is now rapidly stepping-away from the tech-obsessed decor and moving toward fresh and natural materials. More usage of stone, granite, copper, and concrete is done now instead of tech-inspired things. All natural elements perfectly bring a serene and calm relaxing environment in any ambiance. Addition of the natural elements is the perfect way to reflect the beauty of the natural world inside your home.

3. Velvet Furnishings


Yes, we all know that velvet is not something new and fresh in our everyday life. This material was used in the old days and it is now considered as an old fashion. But not anymore as people are seeing it as a luxurious item. This multi-dimensional fabric has now become the favorite choice of many designers and it has become the most sought-after trend of this year.

4. Floral Patterns


Flowers are something that can never go out of trend as they never fail to capture the heart of people. This year, designers are bringing floral patterns in a new light. You can use floral wallpapers to decorate your room walls. Like earlier, now there will be no single colored flower patterns. Rather, designers have made floral wallpapers with multiple and contrast colors.

5. Copper Accents

Copper Accents

Till last year, the most prominent trend of design industry was rose gold but this year the copper accent is leading. A copper accent is now used along with the mixture of other metals to bring the more enriching look. Copper is a quite good metal that comes in the tone of red and orange. Apart from its rich tone, this element is also good for creating a better environment in any ambiance.

6. Modern Chandeliers


Chandeliers are part of luxurious life since old age but now new designers have made them accessible and affordable to everyone. These days’ modern chandeliers are high in trend as they look really unique. Unlike highly elaborated traditional chandeliers, modern chandeliers have now come in a simplified design. You can find a huge variety of modern design chandeliers at the most economical price along with premium-quality.

7. Vintage Lighting

Vintage Lighting

Light is an important part of every home, no matter it is small or large. These days’ lights come in a variety of designs that can give your ambiance an entirely unique dazzling look. Vintage lighting has paved its path back and trending this year. Many people now prefer pendant lights to bring an elegant touch to their home. Pendant lights are made with simplified designs and can be adjusted gracefully in any room.

8. Matte Finishes

Matte Finishes Chandeliers

The matte finish is ruling the cosmetic industry and this year it has made its strong entry into the interior design world. Technological advancements have made matte finishes look more alluring and striking than anything else. Plus, if you want to lend your home a futuristic appeal, then you should bring matte finish furniture in your home.

Final Thought!

Give your home a refreshing new look with any of these designs but do not forget to pick everything that your heart likes and gives you a more comfortable feel. Be it modern chandeliers or natural elements; add your own touch of design in everything.

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