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If you are a first-time building owner looking to make considerable or minimal changes to your place, you need to know what type of changes you should go. To determine this, you need to understand what remodelling is compared to restoration and renovation. Only then will you know the scope of each project you outsource or undertake.

We understand the importance of knowing the difference. That’s why we will be listing it in this article for you to go over and understand and have clarity whenever you are going through a rebuilding process as to what you want to be done. You have to hire any professional company for the best results for all these processes.

What is a remodel?

Remodelling has more changes than renovation and restoration, as it is an involved process that can change the outlook of an entire room or a building.

There are specific examples of remodelling:

  • Significant changes to the structure
  • It might change the way space was before and its use
  • Large scale project with plenty of human resources
  • Adding plumbing, heating, cooling, walls etc.
  • Remodelling can be very costly
  • To do a remodel permit is often required

You only choose the remodelling option when your building is missing key components, and you are having problems with the building’s functionality. Considering how big of a task it is, timely and costly out of a renovation, restoration, and remodelling.

Therefore, you should do a cost estimate before you opt for remodelling, which will give you a clear picture of what type of budget you need to do a remodelling project.

What is a renovation?

Depending on the project, renovation can be the cheaper option out of all three because it requires renewing a building by fixing what is already there. In very few cases, you add something new to the building or its structure.

Renovation can be done in conjunction with restorations as well because if you want to restore your bedroom and you want to add new lights and replace the ones or replace a shelf with some other type of wood, then it can come under a renovation project as well.

What is a restoration?

The restoration process is ideal for those buildings that are needed to look like their original structure. A common example could be restoring a historic building to give it more life and increase its life. However, modern buildings are restored as well.

Restoration is usually a cost-effective process because it neither uses lots of energy nor plenty of resources. This also stands true for buildings with a strong foundation and are up for minimal repairs only.

Should You Remodel, Renovate or Restore?

It depends on what you want to do in your project and how many changes you need to be done.
Restoration happens when you want a specific building to return to its original form. That is why restoration work is usually undertaken on historic buildings and restoring them to a shape as they appeared in a particular time. So, if you have a building with a strong foundation, and you want to recreate it to its original form, then go for restoration.
If you do not want to change the structure of the building and only want to change the outlook or aesthetics of the building or add a few functional elements to the building, you should go for renovation.
If you are looking to restructure or change the structure of a building or a room, you need to remodel it. It is used to change the appearance and change the room’s functionality.

What Is the Difference Between Restoration & Renovation?
These two are closely related, but there is a difference between restoration and renovation. When you opt for renovation, you are adding to an existing space or restyling it and when you opt for restoration, then recreate it to its original form, with its look and style.

What does the contractor do to remodel, renovate and restore?
For renovation, the contractor would do things such as replacing your old wooden window frames with aluminium ones, replacing your copper pipes with PVC ones, or renovating your old kitchen into a modern one.

Since renovation is to change your home’s original state to a new one, restoration is the opposite. The contractor would remove the aluminium window and restore it with the wooden ones. He would remove the PVC pipes, replace them with the copper ones, and eventually strip down the modern kitchen and repair it to its original form.

A remodelling contractor like SKDS LLC would combine two rooms into one, remove walls, and alter the room’s layout to change it and raise the ceilings.

How much does it cost to remodel, renovate and restore?
Remodelling would cost more because it involves complex constructions. Renovation, on the other hand, is cheaper than the three options because it fixes the damages and doesn’t add much to the space. As far as restoration is concerned, it will involve a lot of tearing down and finding the right materials to restore the place to its original form and can be very costly.

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